I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

EXCLUSIVE: "Things come out that you don't expect to come out": Jack Vidgen reflects on his unexpectedly emotional stint on I'm A Celeb

The OG Australia's Got Talent winner made a lasting impression.

By Jess Pullar
Jack Vidgen was sent home from the I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! jungle (in a hurling catapult, no less) last night, and suffice to say Australia was devo.
It came in a moment no one really expected - the popstar quickly became one of the show's most loved cast mates, with Jack's way of showing his vulnerable side making him all the more personable to viewers at home, in spite of any assumptions they might have previously made.
As well as that, the 24-year-old's optimistic attitude and sweet connections he made with fellow camp mates made him all the more popular - cue feelings of devastation upon his exit.
Jack however, is feeling anything but devo now.
Speaking to TV WEEK the morning after his elimination aired on TV, Jack said he was "overwhelmed" by the amount of messages he'd received, and by how much the experience has given him.
"It's been such a positive experience, I'm trying to get through all the messages and Tweets this morning," he tells us between non-stop interviews.
Jack is overwhelmed by everything the experience in the jungle gave him. (Network Ten)
Jack's jungle narrative played out as well as he could've hoped.
Immediately connecting with fellow reality star and social media influencer Abbie Chatfield, the pair's touching friendship was a sure-fire winner - this is what Instagram bestie dreams are made of.
And we can't forget Jess, with whom Jack shared some searingly honest and vulnerable conversations with.
Looking back on the experience, even Jack himself is surprised at how much he opened up on the show. We spoke to him about why the environment triggered such a response, as well as hearing his perspective on life post-show.
Jack was eliminated from the jungle in a combination of catapult, flailing limbs and an impressive dunk into an awaiting pool of water. (Network Ten)
TV WEEK: Jack! Firstly, well done on such an amazing stint on the show, you really connected with Australian audiences.
Jack: Thank you, the response has been so lovely. I'm so glad I got to show the real me, it's been really nice.
What made you want to go on the show in the first place?
The conversation has been around for a few years, but at the time it was just not something I was ready for.
This year, the team seemed really enthusiastic about it all - and with COVID, not many of us had much work, so it was really fortunate for everyone.
Were you surprised at how vulnerable and open you were in the jungle?
It all just kind of comes out, it's such a condensed environment. You start to reflect on home and who you miss from home. Things just come out that you don't expect to come out.
A lot of viewers were struck by your confession about your relationship with your mum, did you talk to her about it after it aired?
Not really, we sort of let the show play out, but we watched it together and we shed some tears. I think that was quite healing for us. I've been fortunate to be a part of such a powerful moment.
Jack shared a confession about a difficult relationship he shared with his mum after he rose to fame in Australia. (Network Ten)
How are you feeling now that your scenes have all aired? Were there any unaired scenes you filmed that you wish made the final cut?
It's been such a positive experience, I'm trying to get through all the messages and Tweets this morning!
I feel like everything was aired that could have been - all our baggage has been outed. You never know going into a show what's going to be aired, but everything from me has all come out and thankfully it's been well received.
How does I'm A Celeb compare to Australia's Got Talent? Was one experience better than the other?
It doesn't really compare, AGT was my first taste of TV, and being in the public eye so young, ten years ago, it's all a blur now. But it's nice being older and knowing a bit more about it all now.
What surprised you the most about going into the jungle?
I didn't realise we [the cast] would all become so tightly knit and become such great friends.
I also didn't anticipate how tough some of the trials would be! I think that at least for me has pushed me and stepped me way outside my comfort zone.
Do you still speak to the cast?
We all have a group chat and we're all messaging every night when the show is on. I also met Paulini [Curuenavuli] for brunch the other day. And I love Jess so much, I saw Jess this morning at Triple M actually, and I'll be seeing Abbie at the finale.
Oh yes, everyone loved your friendship with Abbie! Can you tell us more about that?
I think people just warm to someone like Abbie, and I had the gay best friend vibe.
She's a gorgeous human. I love everything she stands for and also how she executes it - she doesn't point the finger, she's more of an educational source on the show.
Jack and Abbie strongly connected on the show. (Network Ten)
What's next for you now, Jack?
We'll I'm releasing some new music - and I've been writing and recording, so I have lots of exciting projects coming up.
Finally, who do you reckon has what it takes to win I'm A Celeb?
I think Jess has a really great chance, she's been a mum to everyone in there - she's people's rock. But yeah, I don't even know who it comes down to, no one's given me the tea!

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