I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

“He’s not like that”: Chezzi Denyer reveals the side of Grant Denyer fans don’t see as she praises his I’m A Celeb stint

''Most people don’t realise or believe this.''

By Maddison Hockey
After a decade of blissful marriage spent in the spotlight Grant and Chezzi Denyer have become a golden couple of Australian television.
As the beloved television host braves the outback on I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! this year, it's no surprise Chezzi has thrown her full, glowing support behind her husband.
Amid a lengthy Instagram post praising Grant's choice to go on the show, however, the mother-of-two (soon to be three) revealed the TV star isn't quite the cheery personality people usually see on screen.
Fans have already seen Grant open up on screen. (Channel Ten)
Known for his outgoing and vivacious personality, Chezzi writes that Grant is actually quite "shy".
"I think what I mostly want to stress is that going on this show for Grant is much more difficult than just losing some creature comforts.." she began.
"He's used to being away. Away from his family a lot. Living out of a suitcase in various hotel rooms."
Viewers are used to a bubbly, outgoing TV star. (Instagram)
She then went on to add: "But he's extremely shy. Most people don't realise or believe this. Trust me, it's true.
"The "upbeat, confident & energetic persona you see hosting TV shows takes an enormous amount of energy. He's not like that all the time. He is quiet & reserved. He is lovable. He is goofy. He is kind. He is sensitive, & he is thoughtful.
"And luckily he is not currently here with me as I write this or he wouldn't let me post this. For fear it's sounds too sucky.. but I don't care."

Currently pregnant with their third child, Chezzi reveals Grant did not want to go on the show. And frankly, after seeing the first challenges of the year, we don't blame him.
"He DID not want to go. He was VERY reluctant to leave us.. especially because I haven't had the easiest run this pregnancy. But, as a family, we decided he should."
Chezzi went on to detail all the reasons the TV WEEK Gold Logie winner actually makes a "terrible" campmate.
"He has an enormous fear of snakes.. and yes, rats.. & most creepy crawlies if I'm honest.
"He cannot stomach awful foods. His stomach is weak. He also can't handle bad smells AND he's quite the germaphobe. He's found it impossible to help change bad dirty nappies over the years, and if one of the girls throws up.. he will then too."
Grant has taken the challenges in his stride so far. (Channel Ten)
All of these reasons (and more), however, are also the reason Chezzi is one proud wife right about now.
"Grant is a TERRIBLE candidate for this show. Hence, why I am so bursting with so much pride that he gave this a go. I'm loving seeing the more vulnerable & real side of him on camera & I hope you will too."

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