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EXCLUSIVE: Chezzi Denyer gets candid about her "mum-guilt" after suffering a debilitating pregnancy condition

''I don't like complaining, but it has been difficult.''

By Maddison Hockey
Since announcing the joyous news that she and husband Grant Denyer are expecting their third child, Chezzi Denyer has been extremely candid about her difficult pregnancy.
Like many women do, Chezzi's been dealing with a somewhat common complication, Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which causes severe nausea, vomiting, weight-loss and possible dehydration.
Despite suffering from the condition with her first two pregnancies, Chezzi has revealed this time around her symptoms are much more severe.
However, it's not the debilitating effects she's struggled with most, it's something even more common: mum guilt.
"It has been really hard, up until about 16 or 17 weeks I was in and out of hospital," Chezzi tells Now To Love.
"I was actually visiting hospital every second day just to get three bags of fluid and anti-vomiting medication. And, I'm still on a lot of medication."
Chezzi's been in and out of hospital since falling pregnant. (Instagram)
While it's been quite the ordeal for the 41-year-old, she's quick to add she's also very grateful.
"I'm so thankful to be pregnant and to be able to have this third child that I kind of, I don't like complaining, but it has been difficult at times."
Any mother would understand without judgement what Chezzi's been through, yet she admits she still feels what many women do – guilty.
"I get a bit of mum guilt," she tells us.
"It was almost three months where I was totally bedridden and the kids would come in and I just felt so bad because some days I could only give them ice blocks or I could make them a piece of toast."
"Even things like the kids will have swimming lessons or something on the weekend and I haven't washed the towels."
The mother-of-two has been suffering "mum-guilt". (Instagram)
Luckily, Chezzi had a great support network to help her through, and is glad to admit in the last four weeks her symptoms have subsided, although she's "touching wood" she doesn't "jinx herself".
Feeling on the up, the podcast host is looking forward to Christmas holidays with Grant and her two girls, Sailor, eight, and Scout, four.
For the Denyers, summer holidays mean one thing: road trips away.
"We've been traveling to the Gold Coast every Christmas for the past eight or nine years to see Grant's family."

But, as many families would know, a long journey in the car with the kids isn't always easy.
"Every year it's a fight in our household because Grant wants to check the tire pressure and check the oil levels. And, I'm just like, just get on the road and let go!" she chuckles.
Having become aware of the terrifying statistics surround road safety, particularly during the holidays, Chezzi's since changed her tune.
"I never realised the importance of car safety until we teamed up with mycar and started going through some of the research. I was really shocked."
"We've all been in COVID locked down for the past year, I know so many people want to get out and go see places around Australia but 60% of people aren't getting their cars safety checked before they go even if they know that somethings wrong."
So, ahead of the holiday season Chezzi's urging everyone to get their cars checked with a free safety check at mycar, visit them here.