House Rules

Luke Jacobz reveals: “I’ll host House Rules!”

Luke has his sights set on a new gig...

With Johanna Griggs leaving her post as host of House Rules after seven seasons on the hit home-renovation show, there's a certain someone lining up to take her spot – Luke Jacobz!
The host of The Proposal, who has fronted Instant Hotel in the past, tells TV WEEK he would "100 per cent do it" if offered the role.
"I would definitely do one of those shows, because it's the kind of show I love to watch as well," he admits. "People doing positive things – that's what I like."
However, Luke acknowledges the legacy Joh has left, admitting he isn't too sure if he could measure up to her.
"Johanna Griggs is a phenomenal host and I don't know that anyone can replace her," he says. "I've known her for years and she's always been that friendly… Everyone knows and loves her because she's so sweet."
For the time being, though, Luke has his plate full with The Proposal.
"I'm playing Cupid on the show and it's really fun," he enthuses. "There have been some amazing connections. We finished one episode and went, 'Oh, my God – these guys are perfect for each other!'"
The Proposal airs Tuesday, 8.30pm, on Channel Seven.

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