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Joh Griggs’ future hangs in the balance after House Rules exit

Are her days at Channel Seven numbered?

She walked away from her House Rules hosting gig – and rumoured sizable pay cheque – for moral reasons, but our source says 46-year-old Johanna Griggs' exit may have left her future at Seven uncertain.
"Joh is realistic and knows there is not much at Seven left for her, except for Better Homes And Gardens and sport. She will be taking an active role in the upcoming Olympics 2020 Tokyo coverage – at this point she's looking at co-hosting alongside Hamish McLachlan and Jim Wilson, but her role isn't a given," says the insider.
"Joh is well aware that if Abbey [Gelmi] proves to be a winner on House Rules, they may put her upfront for the Olympics – it's no secret that network bosses are grooming her to be the next Joh Griggs."
The popular TV personality quit the renovation show in July and took to Instagram to announce the news, describing the series as a "beast" and an "eye-opener".
"I've got some news for you all. After a great deal of consideration, I recently sat down with the Network to ask to be allowed to step down as Host of House Rules," she penned at the time.
Is Joh's days at Seven numbered? (Image: Channel Seven)
"They have very graciously agreed for me to do that, which I'm incredibly appreciative of. As the show goes into preproduction for the next season, it's the perfect time to hand over the role to someone who will take the show into S8."
At the Channel Seven Upfronts in October, it was revealed Jamie Durie would take the reins.
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Backstabbing in the House Rules camp

The first episode hasn't even gone to air but sources say there's in-fighting within the new House Rules team already.
According to our source, host Jamie Durie, 49, has butted heads with newly recruited judge Abbey Gelmi. "In the beginning, Jamie did everything he could to work his charm with Abbey until she made it very clear she's not going to be pushed around by his out-of-control ego," says our insider.
"She's determined she won't come across as some sort of bimbo who is only there for eye candy, and if Jamie thinks he can walk all over her, he's got another thing coming."
Tension is already rising when it comes to the new House Rules line-up. (Image: Channel Seven)

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