House Rules

House Rules’ Tim reveals: “I never thought I’d be a dad”

Tim opens up about fatherhood and his daughter Isabella

By Zara Zubeidi
He might come across as a "typical bloke" but beneath that tough exterior, House Rules' Tim is a real softie.
The chippie admits he never really understood the joy that comes with being a father – until he became one himself.
"I really had no interest in other people's kids," Tim, 32, tells TV WEEK.
"I was that typical bloke. But when you have your own, you understand. It's amazing and they bring so much joy. I can't explain it."
Tim and wife Kate with their daughter Isabella (Image: supplied)
Tim says being away from his one-year-old daughter, Isabella, and wife Kate was the "toughest part" about competing on the show.
But this week will see the other teams transform his 1950s weatherboard cottage into what Tim hopes will be the perfect home raise a family.
"You just want to break down and cry because you miss your family," he says. "You miss your daughter, you miss your wife, but you've really got to try and stay focused on why you're there."
Tim loves being a dad to little Isabella (Image: supplied)
As for Mat, he loves being an uncle to little Isabella.
But despite being in a long-term, five-year relationship, he's in no rush to settle down just yet.
"I love my niece to death and she's probably brought me closer to having kids, but there's still a few things I want to do first," he explains.
"I'd rather be in a more stable place because I'm currently renting. I'd want my own place and to do a bit more travelling before I think about having kids."
Mat, 27, feels the same about marriage.
"We'd rather do what we want to do first, and then think about it. But for the time being, we're happy with the way it is."
House Rules airs Monday to Wednesday, 7.30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, on Channel Seven.

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