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Exactly where to follow the House Rules 2019 cast on Instagram

Keep up to date with all your favourite teams on the 'gram!
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House Rules is back for another smashing season, with six new teams set to renovate and style each other’s homes, and take their shot at winning the $355,000 prize money.

Our host Johanna Griggs is back, along with design expert Carolyn Burns-McCrave, to guide the teams through the challenges.

Veteran DIY designer and television host Jamie Durie is joining the judging panel, along with Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Wendy Moore.

The House Rules judges with host Johanna Griggs (Image: Channel Seven).

Viewers will get to know the new teams when House Rules premieres on Sunday, when you’re sure to fall for the many personalities on offer.

Here’s where you can follow all of your favourite House Rules 2019 contestants on Instagram.

Mikaela & Eliza

Surfie sisters Mikaela, 24, and Eliza, 21, are from Western Australia.

The renovation rookies are on House Rules for their mother, who recently went through a tough divorce.

“We are on this show for mum,” Eliza says. “And that’s what we will have in our hearts the whole time while we are renovating.”

Follow the team on @mikaelaelizaau, and you can follow Mikaela at @mikaela_greene and Eliza at @eliza_greene.

Shayn & Carly

Married parents Shayn, 33, and Carly, 31, have been dreaming of upgrading their three-bedroom double-brick home, or “prison” as they refer to it due to the lack of windows.

“We bought this house because we fell in love with the location, it’s the perfect family home and we want the girls to grow up here,” Carly says. However, it’s in desperate need of an upgrade to suit their busy lifestyle with two daughters, Harper and Imogen.

You can follow them at @shayncarlyau.

Pete & Courtney

Dance teachers Pete, 32, and Courtney, 31, hail from Victoria, and are parents to baby Casper.

They’re no strangers to renovations, having once managed to flip a three-bedroom apartment in two weeks!

“The potential [in our home] is amazing but it needs an overhaul,” Courtney says.

Pete adds: “There are some really important things that need to be fixed up that are quite unsafe.”

You can follow them at @petecourtneyau.

Tim & Mat

Chippie brothers Tim, 32, and Mat, 27, from Victoria will certainly bring the laughs this year, along with a winning attitude. Having plenty of renovation experience, the brothers already know they’ll be strong competitors.

Mat is on board to help out his brother’s growing family, with Tim and his wife Katie new parents to one-year-old Isabella.

“It’s a dump,” Mat says of his brother’s home, which will be renovated on the hit show. “You can’t bring up your daughter there.”

You can follow them at @timmatau.

Lisa & Andy

South Australian married couple Lisa, 30, and Andy, 32, are the bubbly ray of sunshine in the renovation rubble. But flight attendant Lisa and fireman Andy are not ones to be underestimated.

“I think people can perceive me as quite ditzy because I am bubbly and fun,” says Lisa. “I can be quite carefree at times but I think design-wise I know what looks good.”

You can follow them at @lisaandyau.

Katie & Alex

Married couple Katie, 29, and Alex, 32, are also on the series to provide a better home life for their family.

The stay-at-home mum and Federal Police Officer are parents to one-year-old Hallie, and they’re looking forward to having a home with a working kitchen and a roof that DOESN’T leak.

Their rustic cottage was built in the 1800s, and it’s “small and falling down” at the moment.

Follow them at @katiealexau.

House Rules premieres Sunday April 28, 7pm, on Channel Seven.

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