House Rules

Mikaela has a blunt view of her House Rules rivals Shayn and Carly

“They don’t put the homeowners first!”

By Zara Zubeidi
They've been considered the House Rules underdogs for weeks, but Sunshine Coast couple Shayn and Carly justified their place in the competition last week by winning the Early Reveal challenge with Eliza's bedroom.
But Mikaela, 24, hints that there's a lot more to come from the couple – much to the other teams' detriment.
"We started to see a pattern with Shayn and Carly being super-competitive," she tells TV WEEK. "A lot of the teams are competitive, but still had the homeowners in mind.
"But Shayn and Carly had a total disregard and it would be at the expense of what would flow with the rest of the house. We saw a different side to them."
Mikaela calls Shayn and Carly "super-competitive" (Image: Channel Seven).
Despite thinking Shayn and Carly overlook the homeowner, Eliza still loved her room designed by the Queensland couple.
"Oh my God I love it!" Eliza exclaimed during the early room reveal.
On Instagram, she referred to it as a "beautiful tropical oasis" and said she would be "forever grateful" for their renovation.
Differences aside, Mikaela and Eliza were thrilled by Shayn and Carly's renovation (Image: Channel Seven).
Last week, sisters Mikaela and Eliza – who were the lowest scorers after Lisa and Andy's renovation – managed to avoid sleeping in a tent because it was their turn to have their house transformed.
This week, the surfing siblings will find out whether they'll be roughing it for the next renovation.
Regardless of the result, Mikaela isn't fussed.
"We're bush babies, so it doesn't really bother us!" she says with a laugh.
House Rules airs Monday to Wednesday, 7.30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, Channel Seven.

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