See the incredible before-and-after photos of this House Rules' beach home transformation

We bet their mum is over the moon with this transformation!

By Alex Lilly
We'd been waiting for this emotional reveal on House Rules all week and on Sunday night, our wish finally came true.
The teams were tasked with renovating surfer sisters Mikaela and Eliza's family home in WA and when they first arrived, the sibling's story brought a tear to nearly every eye.
18 months before filming, Mikaela and Eliza's parents divorced and the girls revealed that their mum Kristen bought the house from their dad, but faced financial struggles due to legal fees and the divorce settlement.
"Mum is struggling every fortnight to meet those really hefty repayments. It has put mum in a really hard situation so that's why we sold most of the furniture and we are sitting on deckchairs and don't have a couch," Eliza added.
The Perth sisters instructed the teams to inject some love into the house so that their mum could have a fresh start in a re-vamped home.
"I cannot wait to see the new beginning we're all going to have because of this," Eliza said.
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Mikaela and Eliza set the following rules for their home:
  1. Give the house a coastal heart
  2. Think beach for your colour scheme
  3. Bring nature in to nurture
  4. Create a cool, tropical resort for Eliza
  5. Celebrate Mikaela's adventurous soul
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