House Rules

Is House Rules real or fake? We investigate

Do they do all the renovations themselves? Are those the real houses? We answer your burning questions.

By Alex Lilly
When it comes to those House Rules transformations, some of them have left us literally speechless.
But it's also made us think, could a pair of average Joes really pull off that interior design challenge in just a few days? We've investigated to find out if the show and all those renovations are real or fake.
On the show, contestants have seven days (and sometimes even less) to renovate a house when in reality it's a job that could take a lot longer. So when the judges complain about a bit of shoddy paintwork, you can see why.
The experts at Rosin Bros Residential Builders say, "In reality, a typical bathroom takes six-eight weeks to build, and a kitchen takes two months. This factors in lead time for ordering and fitting materials."
While design expert and mentor Carolyn Burns-McCrave is on stand-by during the renovations, she's not the only pro on site. The folks at Rosin Bros added that clever editing makes it look like the contestants are the only ones working but in reality, there's a whole crew helping.
"Structural engineers, foremen, builders, plumbers, electricians, tilers – they're all there working tirelessly in the background."
While the contestants are hard at work, they have a helping hand. (Image: Channel Seven)
Despite having some help, the renovations and the homes are 100 per cent real.
Speaking exclusively to Now To Love in 2018, Chelsea Dunley, whose home was renovated by the teams in a special challenge said she had the shock of her life when she opened the door and saw Johanna Griggs standing outside with a television crew!
"I remember her introducing herself and I was like, 'I know who you are! What are you doing at my house?' They tried to interview me and I couldn't even answer because I was in shock!"
And after seeing the transformation, the mum-of-one confirmed it was definitely real and not just for the cameras.
"I was initially in shock but good, happy shock. What I saw was so much for what we had hoped for, I was so overwhelmed, so grateful."
Watch the moment Chelsea Dunley saw her renovated home for the first time in the player below. Post continues...
And then there's the issue of money.
For many of us, we have to adhere to a strict budget when we're doing a big interior design project but luckily for the teams, Channel Seven will pick up the bill for all those cans of paint, light fixtures and decor. However, contestants are welcome to spend more out of their pocket if they desire.
If only we had the budget for a House Rules style renovation! (Image: Channel Seven)

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