Farmer Wants a Wife

Farmer Wants a Wife star Neil's ex-wife drama is set to bring chaos to the show

The father-of-three's past could be about to derail his future...

By Woman's Day team
While Farmer Wants a Wife star Neil has made no secret of the fact he shares his three children with his ex-wife Sally, Woman's Day has learned that the Crookwell local's former flame could be about to spell trouble for his time on the show.
Despite Neil, 43, and his ex having an amicable relationship following their divorce, one on-set insider reveals Sally's upcoming appearance on the show caused a series of tense moments for the farmer and his contending ladies.
Are things going south for Neil? (Matrix)

The Ex Pops Up

According to the source, Neil's close bond with his ex-wife became a point of contention for the women, who struggled with the idea of the NSW sheep farmer having a life separate of them.
"First of all, the girls had no idea they'd be meeting his former lover so soon! They weren't happy about it... not one bit," spills the insider.
"The penny just dropped – not only would they be taking on a husband, but also an ex-wife who is he very close with, very involved with and very chummy with."
Sally (pictured) reportedly became a point of contention for the women on the show, who struggled with the idea of the NSW sheep farmer having a life separate of them. (Facebook)
"Meeting her on the show just meant they felt like the fairytale was being ripped out from beneath them because Neil had already made a wife out of someone before.
It was just a hard pill to swallow, especially on top of all the pressure of the show."
What's more, the insider says the visit from Sally led to some very frosty conversations between the girls!
"It almost became like a battle of who could deal with it best," says the spy, adding that some of the girls agreed they would struggle with Neil having such close contact with Sally, while "others just didn't want to acknowledge it at all".

Sally's Backing

Before applying for the show, Neil said it was important that the mother of his children was there throughout the journey.
"My three kids and Sally, my ex-wife, were the first people I spoke to," he admits. "If they weren't aligned with the idea and I didn't have their support, it just wouldn't have been possible."

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