Farmer Wants a Wife

Are Farmer Wants A Wife couple Matt and Tara still together?

The cute couple looked like a match made in heaven! But have they gone the distance?

By Maddison Hockey
Farmer Wants A Wife's Matt Trewin and Tara Hurl may have walked off into the sunset in the show's finale episode but are they still together?
While we're only just seeing all the love and drama (hot damn, has there been plenty of it) the reality is, it all played out months ago.
As many fans will know Farmer Wants A Wife was filmed late last year before the reunion episode took place in January.
While Matt and Tara may have looked love-up as ever just weeks ago on screen, the reality could have been a very different story in the months since filming.
Tara and Matt celebrate after the finale. Image: Channel Seven
Tara did turn up to the reunion by Matt's side, however it was purely for support as the couple revealed they were no longer together.
Despite trying to make it work and Tara journeying to the farm more than once, Farmer Matt admitted, "it all comes down to me."
One the cameras stopped rolling the farmer confessed the grief of his father's passing became overwhelming, so much so he couldn't focus on a relationship with Tara.
"Reality really kicked in and weighed heavy. I'm probably struggling more than I ever realised with my father's death," he said.
Is Farmer Matt single again? Image: Channel Seven
The clues were there for fans to see over the past few weeks. While Matt shared a finale photo with Tara after the episode, neither has confirmed they're still together or shared another photo together since.
Tara did share a lengthy message about her experience with filming and production.
"What a bloody whirlwind. The past few days in particular have been absolutely insane," she began.
"The people who have been around me will attest to the fact I have been on edge for quite some time having to relive something filmed so long ago. All contestants have moved on with their lives, whether that be on the farm or not."
Rumours are swirling Matt has rekindled his romance with Hayley. Image: Instagram / The Wash
Ahead of the show's finale eagle eyed viewers spotted some footage that suggested despite picking Tara, Matt had rekindled his romance with Hayley.
Rumours Matt had reunited with Hayley first began with her departure from the show playing out on screen.
After Matt sent Hayley home, the farmer shared a clip with her to Instagram which was captioned: "I will never forget all the memories we shared [heart emoji]".
As pointed out by The Wash, the Farmer has had a smile makeover receiving porcelain veneers since appearing on the show, the same new teeth which appeared in the video, suggesting it was captured well after filming wrapped.
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