Farmer Wants a Wife

EXCLUSIVE: “He’s a country boy, down-to-earth & funny": Farmer Wants A Wife's Liz Jelléy confirms new romance with real-life farmer Dean Fiedler

She's finally found her farmer!

By Maddison Hockey
After putting her heart on the line, looking for love on this year's revived dating series, Farmer Wants A Wife, it's safe to say beloved contestant Liz Jelléy did not get the happy ending she deserved.
Despite being chosen by farmer Nick to be "his lady" in the final episodes of the season, Liz's whirlwind country romance quickly fell apart.
"After Nick chose me on the final day he just started withdrawing, within a week there was barely any chatting," Liz revealed during the finale.
Liz (second from the left) was the last lady standing on Nick's farm. (Channel Seven)
While it didn't work out between Liz and Nick, something the marriage celebrant has spoken open and honestly about, she's been able to move on and find the kind of romance fans had wished for her.
Taking to Instagram over the weekend, Liz confirmed her new relationship with "country boy" Dean Fiedler.
Speaking with TV WEEK, Liz revealed she's known her new beau since before going on Farmer Wants A Wife.
"We actually met 18 months ago. I worked in an agricultural company and he has his own agricultural business (fodder management stuff), and I saw what he does and thought it was amazing and super innovative and was chatting to him about it," she says.
"Nothing happened then though and we lost touch."
The only "boo" I want on Halloween 🎃 ❤️" Liz captioned her sweet announcement post. (Instagram)
Liz then went on to appear on the dating show, and despite being all over our screens, she says her new beau had no idea of her reality TV stint.
"We ran into each other again post Farmer Wants A Wife and thankfully he'd not watched it so was none the wiser until he added me on Instagram and got quite the shock."
Liz with her FWAW co-stars Maddie (left) and Justine (right). (Instagram)
Dean, having no knowledge of her time on the show, was like a breath of fresh country air.
"I hadn't really dated after the show because it's so awkward, so it was nice to meet someone who didn't know about it," the marriage celebrant tell us.
"He's a country boy, down-to-earth & funny. It's also nice being with someone who is genuinely on the same page as you."
So what does he think of the hype now?
"From memory he thought it was brave. He's a bit awkward with all this attention [laughs]."

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