Farmer Wants a Wife

Farmer Wants A Wife 2020: Which couples are still together after riding off into the sunset?

These farmers sure know how to bring the drama!

By Maddison Hockey
Fans were delighted when beloved dating show, Farmer Wants A Wife, announced its return to our screens in 2020 after an eight-year hiatus.
Revived by Channel Seven, with the equally beloved host, Natalie Gruzlewski, the series promised the bring "real love" back to our reality viewing.
Calling itself "the only show that proves the power of love" and a track record to prove it (nine marriages and 20 kids) our new crop of farmers, Nick, Harry, Alex, Neil and Sam, had come to the right place to find The One.
Just like many country roads, the path to love proved rocky for some of our farmers.
We watched farmer Sam sadly leave the show for good in the wake of his grandfather's passing and failing to find love on his farm.
Then there was the "cheating" scandal of Harry's farm where he discovered one of his frontrunners, Karlana, was accused of having feelings for one of the show's producers.
Alex wasn't immune from troubles either, with Henrietta walking out just before he was due to make his final decision.
Now as the sun sets on this season of the show and we learn which ladies the farmers have chosen to keep on the farm, will the show's spectacular reputation hold up?
Which of the farmers found love? (Channel Seven)

Nick and Liz: It's over

The Tasmanian farmer had viewers on the edge of their seats, unable to pick which lady he was leaning towards in the finale.
Telling Liz she was like an "old friend" we were sure he was about to pick his other leading lady, Naomi.
But alas, we were wrong.
"I didn't come into this situation looking for a friend, but I feel like that's is what I got," Nick began.
"I love that you love my terrible jokes, and you have the same awful jokes, that I love."
"You really are a beautiful, beautiful angel and I want to be more than friends," he finally confirmed.
As Nicks speech aired, Liz shared a snap of the couple with the less-than-enthusiastic caption: "Got myself a husband, I suppose."
During Monday's reunion episode, the couple confirmed that sadly their relationship didn't last in the real world with Nick wanting to take things slower compared to Liz.
"After Nick chose me on the final day he just started withdrawing, within a week there was barely any chatting," Liz revealed during the episode.
After the show Liz took to Instagram to share her thoughts..
"I'm not sure @farmernickau understood the concept of the show 'Farmer wants a Wife', but I have met the most amazing people through this journey - and that's the real love story. Please remember to be kind. To him, to me, to each other," she penned.
In November, Liz confirmed an exciting new romance real-life farmer Dean Fiedler.
Speaking with TV WEEK, Liz revealed she's known her new beau since before going on Farmer Wants A Wife.
"We actually met 18 months ago. I worked in an agricultural company and he has his own agricultural business (fodder management stuff), and I saw what he does and thought it was amazing and super innovative and was chatting to him about it," she said.
Nick and Liz's romance came to a screeching halt in the real world. (Instagram)

Alex: Chucked a Blake Garvey & went crawling back to runner-up Henrietta

After confessing he had feelings for both of his ladies, Henrietta was less than impressed and decided to walk.
Leaving Jess as the only remaining lady on the farm, it seemed an obvious choice for farmer Alex to rid off into the sunset.
But in the mother of all plot twists, Alex ended up dumping Jess a few weeks into their romance as they felt more like mates... and in a move no one saw coming, he rekindled his romance with runner-up Henrietta.
"I felt like Jess was becoming my best friend. She made me laugh, I wanted someone to make me laugh. But I just kept on starting to feel like I could only see her as my friend," Alex explained during the finale episode.
"I couldn't see this romance blossoming… My heart wasn't in it."
But it seemed his heart was more than in it with Henrietta.
"Thank you for being there beside me on the couch tonight and challenging me through this entire experience you made every moment truly unforgettable," Alex wrote in an Instagram post after the finale.
However the fairytale didn't last, Alex confirmed his split with Henrietta on his Instagram earlier in October, telling a questioning follower on his Instagram account: "To put you at ease Henrietta and I not together anymore but we remain friends. Sorry for the late reply just had a bit on."
After picking Jess, Alex friend-zoned her and went back to runner-up Henrietta. (Channel Seven)
Partner swap: Alex and Henrietta are no longer together. (Instagram)

Harry and Stacey: Shock split

After finding himself torn between Madie and Stacey up until the very end, it was fellow country gal Stacey who stole Harry's heart.
At the reunion, the pair confessed they had been arguing in the real world and had decided to call it quits.
"I said that I don't think we should keep going anymore," an emotional Harry explained on his decision to call it quits.
"Unfortunately we're just not a match," Stacey added.
"It was a good few days, then there was a fair few arguments. It scared me a bit and I just need to pull up and slow down a bit," Harry said of his time with Stacey.
"Harry likes to shut down and move forward, and I can't do that," Stacey added.
"I'm just not where I was with Stacey and I'm not feeling that, what I had," Harry finally said.
He's since hinted that he's kept in contact with runner-up, Madison. Whether anything eventuates there, only time will tell.
Harry chose Stacey over Madie but it didn't go the distance. (Channel Seven)

Neil and Justine: It's over

Farmer Neil had his work cut out for him with the strong women who arrived at his farm.
While it seemed he was torn between Karissa and Justine, looking back it seems so obvious now.
The lash technician had farmer Neil instantly smitten and he ended up picking her.
"When Neil chose me, I felt so happy, as it confirmed the genuine feelings we developed over the weeks as we got to know each other," Justine told TV WEEK after the finale.
"I felt relieved that we didn't have to hide our feelings anymore and could continue on the next part of our journey together."
At the finale, the pair sweetly confessed they were falling in love with each other.
However it looks like their long-distance romance, with Neil based in Crookwell, NSW and Justine living in Queensland, hasn't managed to survive in the real world.
Justine recently took to social media to slam Natalie Gruzlewski's claims she and Neil were still together, labelling the host's allegations as "fake news."
In another telling clue, the pair no longer following each other on Instagram, which is pretty much the 2020 equivalent of a break-up confirmation.
The pair also haven't shared photos of each other on their Instagram pages for months.
Neil found happiness with Justine on the show and although the pair managed to date for a few months in the real world, their romance looks to be over. (Channel Seven)

Sam: New beginnings

While Sam chose to leave the show without finding love, the fruit farmer from QLD hinted at some big news leading up to the finale.
And it had fans guessing, he'd found love on his own accord.
"I have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT to make next week on here so stayed tuned! Hint. I am the happiest I have ever been!" he wrote in an Instagram post following his departure on screen.
And it turns out, the farmer found love with a stunning new lady Kirsten after they connected via Instagram.
But the surprises did not stop there! It's been discovered Sam has since become engaged - but not to Kirsten!
Sam's shock engagement news was revealed on Facebook just hours after the finale aired, with his new fiancee Katelen Cunningham posting a happy snap of her shiny engagement ring on her personal page.
She also updated her relationship status to reflect that she is now engaged to Sam.

That was quick! New girlfriend Katelen shared this engagement announcement snap. (Facebook)