Farmer Wants a Wife

EXCLUSIVE: Farmer Wants A Wife's shock walkout! Which of farmer Harry's ladies calls it quits?

Farm life proves too difficult for one hopeful.

By Amber Giles
It's the date every woman wanted – but when Madison was lucky enough to score the first 24-hour date with farmer Harry, that's when her doubts started creeping in.
It was the isolation at the farm that took its toll on the 24-year-old.
"I was reserved mainly because I was already out of my comfort zone," Madison tells TV WEEK.
"I was on the first 24-hour date without the girls and felt really awkward as to whether or not they'd have some resentment towards me.
"I literally didn't know how to act or behave, so I went into a little shell."
Isolation was the hardest part of farm life for Madie. (Channel Seven)
The Queenslander admits that when the other two girls after Harry's heart came back to the farm, tensions started to rise.
"Stacey and Ashley were their own little clan," she says.
"I got along fine with them, because I'm not someone to be mean or harsh to others.
"I knew they weren't the kind of people I'd surround myself with outside of the show, but I also knew that I just had to suck it up and be an adult."
It was Harry, who farms grapes, cotton and sheep at Goolgowi in NSW, and her connection to him that kept her mind in the game.
"Harry's smile got me straight away as soon as he walked in smiling," she says. "I got butterflies and I can honestly say his laugh and smile started the spark pretty quick."
But will the spark be enough to keep Madison on the farm? Or will Stacey and Ashley decide she's a favourite and leave?
"You have to risk the uncomfortable moments in life," she says. "They might lead you to amazing people."

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