Farmer Wants a Wife

Which Farmer Wants A Wife Couples from 2021 are still together? A full investigation

The whirlwind season comes to a close.

By Jess Pullar
It was a fast-paced season full of twists, turns and a couple of roly polys thrown in for good measure.
But as the Farmer Wants A Wife finale went to air and the final couples were revealed, we naturally got to wondering if they're still together after that fateful last episode.

Which couples are still together from Farmer Wants A Wife 2021?

Given the show filmed several months before it went to air, we'll have to take the events from the finale with a small grain of salt given a lot could've happened between then and now.
That said, the reunion show set to air later this month will no doubt give us a little more insight into where things are at for the final couples these days.
And in the meantime, we've got the below details on each farmer from where the finale left off!
Who found love on the show? Keep scrolling for the deets. (Instagram)

Farmer Sam

Farmer Sam has had a few ups and downs throughout the season, with many deducing the bloke would end up picking no one.
He did just that, but of course, it's been several months since the scenes filmed, and perhaps Mackenzie and Allanah have rekindled things beyond a friendship with Sam. Guess we'll wait for the reunion to find out...
Farmer Sam went into the show with high hopes. (Channel Seven)

Farmer Andrew & Jess

We are thrilled to confirm that Andrew and Jess still look to be thriving in their relationship.
Following the finale, Andrew penned a sweet tribute to his new partner, saying: "As hard as this whole experience was, and to relive on screen, I can't say it was all bad. Because I met the most amazing person I have ever met."
He ended the adorable post: "Over 6 months together and my love and appreciation for you grows every day. I can't wait to move forward with our journey and not have to hide it away from the world. Love you babe. @jessnathan_."
Andrew and Jess are still loved up as ever. (Channel Seven)

Farmer Will and Jaimee

For Farmer Will, Jaimee was been the popular choice from the get-go. It came as no surprise in the finale episode that he chose her.
Neither have yet shared any hints on their Instagram that they're still together, but we've got our fingers crossed for them!
Fingers crossed for Will and Jaimee! (Channel Seven)

Farmer Rob

Farmer Rob had a turbulent time this season with a shock triple exit spicing things up a touch.
But he dramatically returned with a new bunch of ladies, narrowed down to a final two: Vici or Kate.
Unfortunately, the farmer once again couldn't find a spark with either, and they all went home alone.
Rob's had quite the season with his ladies. (Channel Seven)

Farmer Matt and Tara

We got our hopes up for Matt and Tara after the bookies had them pegged as firm favourites.
And of course, when Matt did pick Tara in the finale we were overjoyed.
But then came the rumours - while the farmer shared a post featuring the his chosen lady on Instagram for the finale, many have started speculating that he's since rekindled things with Hayley.
Will this be the reunion explosion they so love to tease us with on TV...?
Jury's out on whether these two are still together... (Channel Seven)