Farmer Wants a Wife

Farmer Wants A Wife just dropped its first teaser for 2021 and it’s being slammed by past stars and fans


By Maddison Hockey
Saddle up folks, Farmer Wants A Wife has officially dropped its first promo for the 2021 return of the show.
And it has been met with some serious whiplash.
One of last year's hopefuls, marriage celebrant Liz Jelley, immediately hit out at the show following the announcement. Channel Seven posted the news to their Instagram account, writing: "Real love is back ❤️ Your First Look at #FarmerAU rolls into @dancingau tonight from 7.00pm. See you then 🤠."

Liz, who was matched with Farmer Nick last year went on to comment, "Oh cool, MAFS is back 🙄."
One of last season's favourites, thanks to her unashamed and unfiltered honesty, Liz has made no secret of disdain for the show and its promise of "real love".
It's not the first time Liz has called out the show, revealing to Kidspot earlier this year her time on the show was a "horrendous experience".
"The whole thing was so staged and manipulated," she said.
Liz was Nick's final choice. (Channel Seven)
Fans will recall Nick asked Liz to be "his lady" and remain on the farm with him.
But, not long after the couple split with Liz revealing Nick became distant and uncommunicative shortly after cameras stopped rolling.
"After Nick chose me on the final day he just started withdrawing, within a week there was barely any chatting," Liz revealed during the finale.
Liz wasn't the only cast member from last year's season throwing shade at the show with Farmer Sam Reitano adding: "Hahah yay MAFS is on tv soon!"
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Farmer Sam recently tied the knot after failing to find love on the show. (Instagram)
Fan also called out the likeness to the drama-fuelled reality series, claiming the series had become far removed from the wholesome dating show it once was.
"No more MAFS style drama. Puh-lease!" one follower wrote.
"Last one was just like MAFS! bring back the old format," another added.