Farmer Wants a Wife

Farmer Wants A Wife star Liz Jelley's not-so-subtle swipe at the show ahead of its 2021 season

Queen of honesty.

There are many things we love about Farmer Wants A Wife star Liz Jelley, but at the top of that list is her unashamed and unfiltered honesty.
Appearing on the revived series in 2020 and making it to the end as Farmer Nick's chosen "lady", the marriage celebrant has been very open and honest about her experience on the show.
And, it's safe to say, she was pretty unimpressed.
Liz was the last lady standing on Nick's farm but their relationship failed to go the distance in the real world. (Channel Seven)
Taking to Instagram, Liz once again slammed the show's claim that it will bring "real love" back to reality TV with another season of the show returning in 2021.
Sharing an excerpt from an Australian Financial Review article, which read: "Seven positioned Farmer Wants a Wife to advertisers as the anti 'fake love' dating show, with host Natalie Gruzlewski telling Upfront attendees that the show is about "real and genuine love"."
Liz then commented over the top: "#UnrealTV. Biggest load of s--t I've ever read."
Liz doesn't hold back. (Instagram)
It's not the first time Liz has called out the show, revealing to Kidspot earlier this year her time on the show was a "horrendous experience".
"The whole thing was so staged and manipulated," she said.
Fans will recall Nick asked Liz to be "his lady" and remain on the farm with him.
But, not long after the couple split with Liz revealing Nick became distant and uncommunicative shortly after cameras stopped rolling.
Liz says Nick instantly lost interesting after filming. (Channel Seven)
Liz revealed that despite breaking it off with Nick, the couple chose to remain friends and were both intending to appear at the finale together.
"The night before the reunion, I received a text message from a staff member saying I was no longer coming and that was the end of it. And then obviously they teased him up to say that it was all his doing," she explained.
"Nick actually wanted us to get back together, but I said no. I told him I preferred to go there as mates."
Liz went on to reveal that in the lead up to the breakup, both she and Nick were "manipulated" against one another.
"Unbeknownst to me, a staff member has gone to him and said under no circumstances are you to contact Liz."

She went on to add: "And then when I went down to Tasmania to break it off with him, they were egging me on and asked if he had contacted me. When I said 'No' they said 'Oh, that's disgusting'.
"Then they went to him and told him and said: 'Oh she is absolutely dragging you through the mud, you should hear what she is saying about you. She's mad, she hates you…'"
"The whole thing was completely set up by them and the two of us completely ate it up."

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