Farmer Wants a Wife

Liz and Nick share VERY different statements following their heartbreaking split on Farmer Wants A Wife

The former exes are still great mates - but there's one key difference.

By Bella Brennan
Throughout the whole season of Farmer Wants A Wife, Nick Onassis, 44, was torn between two women - Liz and Naomi.
In the end, he ultimately picked marriage celebrant Liz Jelléy.
But during Monday night's grand finale reunion episode, the couple confirmed that their relationship hadn't made it in the real world with Nick wanting to take things slower compared to Liz.
"After Nick chose me... he just started withdrawing. Within a week, there was barely any chatting," Liz, 34, explained during the reunion episode.
"I'm upset that Liz feels bad, but I just don't think that she's the girl for me. Forever," Nick reflected.
Despite their teary farewell on the show, it's clear Nick still holds Liz in the highest regards.

On Monday evening, shortly after the Farmer finale went to air, Nick posted a heartfelt tribute to his ex-girlfriend.
"I don't think I'm ready for Liz Jellèy.. What a fantastically nuanced, gorgeous, hilarious, spectacular specimen of woman she is," the Tasmanian-based farmer began.
Adding: "We still talk almost every day.. She still cracks me up on the regular. Liz isn't who you met on your TV.You met one season of sound bites and situational silliness."
"I met an unstoppable piss taking machine, who never failed to find something ludicrous to say, no matter how inappropriate. I find the inappropriate appropriate."
Nick failed to commit in the outside world and Liz had some terse words for her ex! (Image: Channel 7)
"Being uncomfortable is my comfort zone, and this Jelley lady possesses the exact arsenal of scathing wit necessary to have me consistently pissing myself. I hope we know each other forever.
Nick signed off his post by hoping his ex finds can find true love in the not too distant future.
"I hope she finds a man who deserves her and makes her as happy as she made me during this ordeal. She will.. Liz always wins," he said.

Meanwhile, over on Liz's socials she was fully embracing her newfound single status sharing a hilarious video of her dancing to Beyonce's anthem Single Ladies from several years back.
"Liz circa 2015 knows where it's at 💃🏻#allthesingleladies," she captioned the post.
In a more serious post, shared on her professional marriage celebrant Instagram page, it was obvious Liz was still hurting from their shock split and took a not-so-subtle swipe at Nick for being unable to commit to her while asking fans to be kind.
"I'm not sure @farmernickau understood the concept of the show 'Farmer wants a Wife', but I have met the most amazing people through this journey - and that's the real love story.
Please remember to be kind. To him, to me, to each other," she penned.
Liz took a swipe at Nick for signing up to a show all about marriage and commitment, only to flake out. (Image: Channel 7)

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