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EXCLUSIVE: Farmer Wants A Wife star Karlana SLAMS cheating claims

''I was humiliated.''

By Woman's Day team
After getting unceremoniously booted from Farmer Wants A Wife amid accusations she was interested in someone on the show's crew, Karlana, 24, tells Woman's Day what really happened that night.
"I was in absolute shock when I heard the allegations. I still to this day don't understand how a harmless chat can get so twisted," she says.
She continued: "I simply brought up the fact that the crew members were really supportive and easy to talk to. I mentioned one crew member in particular, and that was it. It was disappointing that Harry immediately assumed the worst of me.
"I was humiliated."
Karlana says she was "humiliated" by what happened. Image: Channel Seven
Karlana started off as one of Harry's favourites. Image: Channel Seven
After Ashleigh and Stacey told Harry that Karlana had struck up a rapport with a crew member, the Victorian beauty says she believes the girls were playing the game in allowing her to get kicked to the kerb – but Karlana reveals she was planning on going home anyway.
"I can only assume that they were too focused on the 'competition' element," she says.
"But I was not a threat, and I was planning to leave as I just didn't feel a spark with Harry."
Farmer Harry, who says he has been cheated on before, was really hurt by the rumours. Image: Channel Seven
While Karlana reveals there was no bad blood with Harry, she tellingly has unfollowed him on Instagram, yet still appears to follow Farmer Alex, with sources hinting to Woman's Day that the pair have stayed close since filming wrapped.
Farmer Wants A Wife airs on Sunday nights at 7pm and Monday nights at 7.30pm on Channel Seven.
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