Farmer Wants a Wife

Farmer Wants A Wife's Andrew has admitted he finds love on the show, and we've already seen the proof

The New South Wales rural is already bringing the charm.

By Jess Pullar
Within three episodes, Farmer Andrew proved he meant business.
Of course, you'd expect one to be fairly serious if they were going on a reality TV show like Farmer Wants A Wife to find love.
But going by the track record of last year's contestants, fans have been a little... um, starved of successful couples.
Not anymore, it seems.
30-year-old Andrew of Delegate, New South Wales already revealed he had found love from the show before it even went to air.
That's why we're all the more intrigued by his early movements and dates on the show as we slowly uncover who the leading woman might turn out to be.
Farmer Andrew has thrown himself into the thick of things. (Channel Seven)
Let's just say his said early movements haven't been, well, difficult to decipher.
On his first date on his NSW farm, Andrew chose 27-year-old Jess for a fairy light-lit evening under the stars.
A small task of unloading a bunch of sheep halfway through the romantic dinner was no biggie, with Jess telling Andrew: "We do have a lot in common and you're really nice to be around."
The sentiment was clearly mutual, with Andrew replying: "I think this could be the start of something good."
Not long after, the pair shared a kiss - sealing the deal already? Well... maybe.
Will Andrew and Jess go the distance? (Channel Seven)
Not long after the fireworks first date, it became clear that Andrew was still interested in making a connection with some of the other women, namely Lucy who claimed he had tried to kiss her.
While the Farmer fervently denied it, he did tell her: "I'm sorry you're feeling this way because obviously we get on. I do actually think you're a really good chick."
Lucy didn't let the drama put her off giving things a red hot go with Andrew, so time will tell as to how this all plays out.
Other frontrunners for the self described "laid back, genuine" Farmer include social worker Rachael and retail manager Ashleigh.
Watch this space!

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