Big Brother

EXCLUSIVE: Big Brother’s Charlotte is “glad” a huge argument she had in the house never went to air

''It felt pretty ugly.''

By Maddison Hockey
Another Big Brother eviction, another deal with the devil (aka Danny) gone wrong.
Marley's pact with the real estate agent led to a second blindside in a row tonight, this time it was Charlotte on the chopping block.
Entering the house as an intruder is no easy feat. With housemates already sharing strong bonds and believing they'd made the top 10 only to be knocked back to the top 16, Charlotte tells Now To Love she expected her introduction into the house to be icy.
But, it was far from it.
Charlotte was expecting a rough initiation into the house. (Channel Seven)
"I was expecting that to be a lot harder to settle in," Charlotte tells Now To Love, "But they were all pretty good and pretty welcoming."
She did however find herself in one clash with fellow intruder, Brenton, that never made it to air.
"I was involved in a bit of an argument with that never got shown. It was a huge misunderstanding.
"It was with Brenton and he was doing a scramble [after being evicted] and I used bad terminology to say to Jess and Mitch that he was a threat to me, but it got turned into 'I feel physically threatened by Brenton'.
"It was so far from what I meant but it blew up into a huge thing."
Charlotte got into a heated clash with Brenton over a misunderstanding. (Channel Seven)
Luckily Charlotte says the pair managed to sort out the misunderstanding and remain friends today.
"Me and Brenton are awesome know and he understands it's not what I meant at all. I'm glad it didn't air because it felt pretty ugly."
While the 26-year-old is relieved that part of her experience didn't make it to screens, she feels very differently about another: the friendships.
Charlotte is disappointed we didn't see much of her or the friendships in the house. (Channel Seven)
Of all the housemates this season we saw the least of Charlotte and in turn her bonds with fellow housemates.
"I'm sad I didn't get shown much, probably because I didn't get involved in too much of the drama.
"I get a bit disappointed that the thing that doesn't get shown is people's friendships. Tilly and I are super close, she's like one of my best friends, but you wouldn't even know from watching it."