Big Brother

The premiere date for Big Brother's new season has finally been revealed

Plus, juicy new details.

By Maddison Hockey
If you're Big Brother obsessed, much like us, you'll be bouncing on your couch cushions with anticipation for the second season of Channel Seven's reincarnation to begin.
The network took over the series in 2020 giving the beloved reality show a new look and feel with a Survivor-esque elimination process and in a first for the show, pre-recorded episodes.
The revived Big Brother instantly captivated audiences – new and returning fans – and now, we finally know when the show will return in 2021.
Big Brother will premiere on Monday April 26th on Channel Seven.

In the latest teaser for the show's return, Big Brother's voice can be heard saying: "The challenges could never be bigger."
"And, someone will be evicted every night."
He then goes on to add, "They'll never know what to expect, above them, below them, around every corner" seemingly hinting at this year's newly updated house."
Fans already caught a glimpse of this year's new digs and the multiple secret rooms and trap doors hidden around the house.
A housemate can be seen climbing through a secret cavity in the couch. (Channel Seven)
In the clip we can see a number of these hidden rooms of which housemates are climbing up secret ladders and through holes in the couch to get to.
"My house has been transformed. More rooms, more secrets, more than meets the eye," the cryptic voiceover revealed in a previous trailer.
Martha's mum, Mary, makes an appearance in the clip. (Channel Seven)
Another big spot in the latest teaser is that of a somewhat familiar face.
Fans already know TV presenter, DJ and podcaster, Flex Mami is destined for the house, but another reality star (of sorts) can be seen in the clip – Martha Kalifatidis' mother, Mary.
The MAFS star's mum regularly appears in her social media posts and has a huge following of her own with over 43,000 fans.

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