Bachelor in Paradise

EXPLOSIVE CLAIMS: Timm Hanly reveals Angie Kent slid into his DMs after her breakup with Carlin Sterritt - but he sent her the most BRUTAL response!


By Rebecca Sullivan
Timm Hanly has hit back at Angie Kent, after she publicly slammed her former Bachie crush in a brutal Instagram comment this week, revealing the former Bachelorette actually slid into his DMs not long after her split from ex-boyfriend Carlin Sterritt.
Angie and Carlin officially confirmed their split in early July, and it seems the 30-year-old wasted no time in contacting Timm, who she dumped during the heartbreaking The Bachelorette finale last year.
In a new interview with The Daily Telegraph this week, Timm revealed Angie contacted him immediately after she and Carlin split - but he wasn't having a bar of it.
"She slid into my DMs ­(direct messages on social media) but I just said, 'look I don't think we are going to be friends'," Timm said, revealing his brutal response.
"She said she hoped we might be friends and s--t after her and Carlin broke up. I was just like, whatever, relax love."
Yesterday, Angie slammed both Timm and his mate Ciarran Stott in an Instagram comment, saying she wished she had sent both men home sooner during her Bachelorette season.
Responding to a meme mocking Ciarran that was posted on fan account Bachie Funny, Angie wrote: "Sorry Straya! If I knew sooner I would've sent him and his hype man home second episode when I sent old mate politician home, because NO ONE f**ks with my sisterhood."
Angie Kent tried to slide into Timm's DMs after her breakup with Ciarran. Image: Channel 10
In this new interview, Timm also confirmed for the first time his relationship with his on-and-off-again girlfriend of seven years, Briana De La Motte.
Timm says the couple got together "a couple of months ago", well after filming on Bachelor in Paradise wrapped.
The pair broke up six months before he starred on Angie's season of The Bachelorette last year.
"Timing wasn't right in the past. I have had some serious reflection and self-evaluation after both the shows and what I want and I realised I was still in love with her," he said.
"I am in a really good place. I found love."
Timm says he and Britt didn't work in the outside world, but he's now in love with a different woman. Image: Instagram
Timm also elaborated on his breakup with BIP star Brittany Hockley, after Britt revealed Timm brutally ghosted her when the pair returned to reality, after leaving Paradise together as a couple.
"It didn't last long when we got out," he said.
"In there, everything was 100 per cent real but then I realised when we got out that it was a little bubble that we were in. Britt was a safe place for me in there.
"I did have feelings for her. With all of the anxiety, I think all of my emotions went into looking after myself. We are not really friends now."
WATCH BELOW: Timm says he wouldn't want Angie back, even if she came running. Story continues after video.
Rumours have been swirling that Timm's hard partying ways were behind the split - and Timm admitted he acted like an "absolute goose", but is now trying to stay sober.
"I was partying, drinking lots, taking drugs and being an absolute goose," he said.
"I just thought I was a rock star. I was in a pretty dark place for a bit and I had to deal with it on my own.
"I wasn't in touch with my emotions, not in control of myself like I should be.
"I was so clouded by judgment and you don't make clear decisions when you are always up and down. It is a circle you can get trapped in. I was lost."