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EXCLUSIVE: Why Keira Maguire took Jarrod Woodgate back

Reunited and it feels so good! The Bachelor In Paradise lovebirds make it offish as they ring in the new year.

As the clock struck midnight on New Year's, reality queen Keira Maguire had got her wish – she was back in the arms of the man she loved, Jarrod Woodgate.
And a day later – four weeks after NW broke the news – Keira, 31, confirmed in a gushy Insty post that after a months-long separation, the two had found their way back to each other.
Yep, back in August, Keira had revealed that Jarrod, 32, had suddenly dumped her by text – and only weeks later, the vineyard manager argued that the break-up was a result of her Instagram obsession.
Keira posted an Instagram snap of herself and Jarrod celebrating 2019 with party hats, wine and a cheeky smooch. (Image: Instagram @keiramaguire)
"Her Instagram following is overwhelming and it was taking over our relationship," he said back in September.
"Keira is a beautiful woman and I had the best times I've had in my life with her. But I didn't see it going anywhere. For me, it wasn't a genuine connection because everything we did went through Instagram, and I'm a farm guy who hardly touches his phone."
But just two months later the pair were back in touch, and Keira, who was shattered by the break-up, wasn't going to let Jarrod slip away again.
"Jarrod is the man of her dreams, he's her soulmate and the man she wants to marry, so she's determined to make things work," spills NW's source. "They sat down and talked it all out, and one thing was clear – despite all that had happened, they still loved each other."
WATCH: Keira meets Jarrod on Bachelor In Paradise. Post continues...
So what's next for the two?
"I want to settle down and have children," Keira says.
Awww! Get a move on, you two!

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