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Bachelor In Paradise Exclusive: Steph Dixon thought she was on her way to Florence Alexandra and Davey Lloyd’s Wedding

“I actually thought they were getting married!”

By Tina Burke
Florence Alexandra and Davey Lloyd's long-awaited Bachelor In Paradise reunion finally took place on Sunday night.
Their flirtation from last year quickly turned in to a full-blown Summer romance, with the pair looking like they could last well past the finale. Looks can be deceiving, however, and the cracks started to show in their relationship almost as quickly as it began.
Tonight's episode saw close friends and family of the contestants show up to Fiji, to grill the partners of their loved ones and sort out the 'true connections' from the fake ones.
Florence's friend and Bachelor alum Steph Dixon was on hand, to grill Davey about his feelings for her pal.
Florence had her friend Steph to guide her through Paradise (Image: Instagram/@florencealexandras).
It may surprise viewers to know that Steph actually believed she was heading to Paradise to attend Florence and Davey's wedding.
"I was talking to everyone before they went in to Paradise and I thought it seemed like Davey was full-swing in to Florence," Steph tells TV WEEK exclusively.
"So when production called me, I actually thought they were getting married! I couldn't see any other explanation."
Why did she think the pair were getting hitched? Steph reveals she had spoken with Davey about the possibility of proposing before he went in to Paradise, which made her SURE she was heading to a wedding when she was summoned by producers.
Florence and Davey were certainly NOT about to tie the knot (Image: Network 10).
"Before I went there, I thought Davey was quite genuine," Steph says of her trip to Paradise, revealing her perception immediately changed when she touched down in Fiji.
"As soon as I saw Florence's face I could see she was quite shaken up," she tells. "I thought I would get there and find her completely loved-up, but it was the opposite. I was one hundred percent worried."
Steph found Davey's claims he was "unsure" about his connection with Florence concerning, especially since he'd already had an entire year to get to know her.
"I know they were both dating other people in between [the series] and things like that, but when I went to Paradise, Davey made a comment like 'oh I've only been here for six days' and I said to him 'you've known her for 365 days.' Like, what do you mean you don't know her? You've had all this time to get to know her and you haven't bothered."
Steph was surprised Davey hadn't "bothered" to get to know Florence in the break between season one and season two (Image: Network 10).
Steph admits she found it difficult to warn Florence against Davey, with the pair growing closer again after her visit.
"It was quite hard to get through to her that I thought he wasn't genuine, how do you say to a friend 'he's just not in to you'? It's hard.
"But, you know, I did my best and I said to her 'I think you need to walk away from this, because I think you'll find you get out and he's a completely different person'."
Florence and Davey were left with A LOT to think about following the visits, but as the finale draws closer things are looking rosy for the pair.
The Bachelor In Paradise Australia finale airs Thursday, 8:30pm, followed by the first-ever Bachelor In Paradise Australia: Tell-All at 10pm, on Network 10.

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