Bachelor in Paradise

EXCLUSIVE: Brittney spills on her devastating Bachelor In Paradise elimination

“I was just blindsided really!”

By Tina Burke
In tonight's episode of Bachelor In Paradise, Brittney was left heartbroken when her man, Ivan, moved on with another woman, Tenille, without taking the time to talk to her about it.
Ivan and Brittney had instant chemistry when he arrived in Paradise, but shortly after he fell head over heels for new arrival Tenille.
With Tenille given the date card this evening, she whisked Ivan off on a helicopter and Brittney was left alone in Paradise without so much as a word.
"I mean I knew from what I heard that Ivan was really keen on Tenille. He didn't tell me that, but he told everyone else," Brittney tells TV WEEK. "I was just blindsided really."
"I thought we were having a good time and we were going to see how things went. It was a fun time but, then, other girls came in and obviously he didn't think it was that much fun."
Brittney says she was 'blindsided' by Ivan's ghosting (Image: Network 10).
Though she was disappointed, Brittney says she would have been 'fine' with it if he had spoken to her first.
"He absolutely didn't talk to me before [pursuing Tenille]. I would have been fine if he had just been open and honest about it," she reveals. "That's the thing that really shocked me, that he just didn't tell me.
"I was just waiting for the chat! Obviously you're in there to find someone and, if I'm not that person, just tell me. That's all I ask for."
After their romantic rendezvous, Ivan picked Tenille in the rose ceremony and Brittney was sent home.
"I knew I was a goner," Brittney admits of her final ceremony, joking "it's a shame the tree couldn't give out a rose."
Brittney says goodbye to Ivan (Image: Network 10).
Ivan did try to talk to her AFTER giving Tenille the rose, though Brittney brushed him off and said he was 'too late.' But have they been in contact since?
"So he did call me six months later… like last week," she reveals. "To see if I was over it. Bit late!
"Obviously I'm over it now, but at the time it was more upsetting just the fact he had no respect for me, but he doesn't see it that way, so what can you do. You can't tell someone what to do."
Brittney says Ivan had "no respect" for her (Image: Network 10).
Though she left Paradise without a man, there's every possibility she could find her guy on another series. With fans calling for Brittney to be The Bachelorette next year, we had to ask if she'd be game.
"Oh absolutely, why not!" she says, adding she's looking for "Someone quirky, entertaining, tall. Anything really."
Oh, how we're sad to see her go.
Who else wants to see Brittney as The Bachelorette? (Image: Network 10).
Bachelor In Paradise airs Tuesday to Thursday, 7:30pm, on Network 10.

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