Bachelor in Paradise

EXCLUSIVE: Abbie Chatfield gets dumped by Jamie Doran on Bachelor In Paradise

The Bachie babe's second shot at love is, er, shot down early by Angie's ex!

By NW team
Abbie Chatfield, 23, is one of the better names set to appear on the upcoming season of Bachelor In Paradise.
But NW hears the blonde bombshell barely had time to unpack her bikinis after arriving in Fiji before she was booted off the island. Nooo!
Since returning to Oz, Abbie has been photographed looking downcast after being booted of the reality TV show. (Image: Supplied)
"She lasted like two days. As soon as Abbie stepped foot in the resort, everyone started having issues with her," the source dishes, adding that Jamie in particular couldn't stand watching her manipulate the other contestants.
"Jamie had no hesitation choosing Abbie to be sent home after seeing how much drama she brought to the group."
Abbie, of course, loves stirring the pot and became the villain/break-out star of Matt Agnew's Bachelor season as a result.
Meanwhile, it seems Jamie also doesn't find love on BIP as he was spotted back in Australia last week.
According to NW's secret source - Jamie couldn't stand Abbie's manipulative behaviour. (Image: Network Ten)
Rumours did the rounds that he might be trying it on with reality babe Megan Marx after the pair were spotted grabbing dinner together in Sydney's Manly.
However, Megan later said they were just friends. Better luck next time, mate...
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Meanwhile, since appearing on the Bachelorette Jaime has been labelled a stage-five clinger and called too intense.
Though he says he's got thick skin, the reality TV contestant admits the negative attention has been tough to deal with.
"It's been difficult," Jamie tells TV WEEK. "I've been receiving death threats, I've had people asking for my address because they want to come around and punch me in the face, you know. That's difficult."

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