Australia's Got Talent

This Australia’s Got Talent world-record breaker once starred on Beauty And The Geek

Here’s why you were doing a double take...

By Anita Lyons and Erin Doyle
If you watched Australia's Got Talent last night, you would have seen 33-year-old Jeremy Reading break the world record for the fastest time making balloon animals blindfolded.
Smashing through his previous record, Jeremy was able to achieve the impressive feat in just 53 seconds, with judges Manu Feildel, Nicole Scherzinger, Shane Jacobson and Lucy Durack watching on with intrigue.
But if you thought Jeremy Reading looked familiar, there's a good reason why.
Australia's Got Talent contestant Jeremy Reading has been on reality TV before! Image: Channel Seven
Speaking to Now To Love, Jeremy revealed AGT wasn't his first foray into reality television – he previously appeared on Beauty And The Geek (Watch his appearance in player above) – and admits he "had a blast".
"I had an amazing time and actually one of the girls, Lisa, who was on the same series with me, has been on House Rules with Channel Seven," Jeremy reveals.
But it was a different show altogether he was originally aiming for.
"Ten years ago, I actually auditioned for the show Wipe Out, which is that course with the big red balls and I was really disappointed I didn't get on that show, but Warner Brothers called me and said 'Oh we'd like you to audition for the show [Beauty and the Geek]," he says.
"I was like, 'Oh thanks very much, but I'm kind of not what you're looking for. I do watch a lot of sport, I've got a lot of friends, I go out clubbing, I'm really sociable.'"
But while Jeremy thought he didn't think fit the bill to be classified as a "geek", it was eventually his love of chess that got him over the line.
"They really thought that chess and geeks very much go hand in hand, but really wanted a chess player to be on the show - so that's how I got on," he added.
Jeremy broke the world record for fastest time making balloon animals while blindfolded. Image: @jeremyreading/ Instagram
When he first went onto Beauty and the Geek, Jeremy took balloons into the house just for fun and gifted his "beauty" Emma one of his creations.
"I gave my beauty a [balloon] flower when I first met her," he recalls.
In fact, it was during Beauty and the Geek that he broke his first balloon record on the Channel Seven show Guinness World Records, with Emma as his assistant.
Jeremy still keeps in contact with Emma via Instagram, who is trying to make it as an actress in Canada.
"So she's had a few little commercials and minor TV shows," he said. "She just wants to make it big over there."
Australia's Got Talent continues Sunday 7pm on Channel Seven or re-watch Jeremy's audition on 7Plus.