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Ed Kavalee reveals how his tough-as-nails wife Tiffiny Hall handled the "full on" birth of their second child

''She did an incredible job.''

By Alana Mazzoni
One day after announcing the birth of their second child, Ed Kavalee has shared the details of his wife Tiffiny Hall's labour.
Tiff and Ed, who already share four-year-old son Arnold, welcomed their second child - an adorable baby girl named Vada, on May 30.
Speaking to Erin Molan and Dave Hughes on their Hughesy, Ed and Erin radio show on Wednesday morning, the father-of-two gushed over Tiff.
Ed and Tiff welcomed Vada on May 30. They announced her arrival with this photo. (Image: Instagram)
"She did an incredible job. It was stirrups, it was pull your legs back and push, push, push. It was a sight to behold and what a great job she did," Ed said.
The 42-year-old said Tiff, 37, received an epidural "super, super early" into her labour.
"They do this technique where they give you a button so you click the button whenever you need the pain relief.
But Ed revealed Tiff didn't press the button once, and instead insisted on delivering without additional pain relief.
Tiff and Ed already share four-year-old son Arnold. (Image: Instagram)
"She just went 'no!' I was yelling 'use your button, use your button' and she pushed it away," Ed continued.
"She treats [birth] like an athletic pursuit! She's just like 'give me a piece of wood to chew on and I'll get through it'," he joked.
Ed described Tiff's labour as "full on" and revealed doctors were close to giving her an Episiotomy; a surgical incision used to quickly enlarge the opening for the baby to pass through.
"They were both getting a bit tired," he said.
Taking to Instagram on Tuesday night, Tiff shared a close-up black and white photo of Vada's tiny hands.
"Arnold's little sister has arrived. Welcome Vada Kavalee," the fitness queen penned.
The unique name has German roots and means "knowledge", "rule", and "famous ruler" - clearly Tiff and Ed are planning for their little girl to grow into a strong young lady one day.
Ed and Tiff tied the knot in 2014 and welcomed their first child, son Arnold, three years later.
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