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Megan Gale says going through a miscarriage has affected her current pregnancy

"I try not to let nerves and stress play a role in it all, but you can't help but wonder - what if it happens again?

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
Model, actress and all-round excellent human being Megan Gale has revealed that her experience of miscarriage is something she’s brought with her into her current pregnancy.
The mother-of-one, who revealed earlier in the year that she had miscarried in her second pregnancy, says there’s been a marked difference in her attitude this time around.
"The pregnancy is going well," she told Mamamia at the recent unveiling of her wax figure for Madame Tussauds in Sydney.
"In some ways it is different to my first [pregnancy] because of the experience of going through a miscarriage. I was very conscious to not put a lot of pressure on myself or Shaun or us or as a couple [to fall pregnant again] and let it happen organically. We very were lucky that it happened so quickly.”
"But there is a little bit of a difference. With my first pregnancy, I knew there were complications but I didn't worry about it as much. With this pregnancy, I have been waiting for every scan and waiting on the edge of my seat for each one to pass," she said.
The 41-year-old added that she and her partner, Shaun Hampson, are trying not to be weighed down by the thought of potential risks and worst-case scenarios.
"I try not to let nerves and stress play a role in it all, but you can't help but wonder - what if it happens again? Shaun spoke about it as a couple and we agreed, whatever will be will be."
But the television personality says at this stage everything is "absolutely flying".

In her recent feature with InStyle, the Next Top Model star bravely decided to go public with her ordeal in order to challenge the stigma which continues to surround miscarriage -- something which affects one in four Australian women.
Megan told the publication that in the weeks following her six week scan something just didn’t feel right.
“I can’t put my finger on it—there was no physical change or a sign or symptom…[I wondered] if I was being overprotective and paranoid, or if something was wrong,” she explained.
“I hopped up on the table and [my obstetrician] put the ultrasound on my tummy. He just kept moving it and not saying anything and I started to feel sick.”
Soon the obstetrician confirmed her fears, she’d lost the baby.
Despite their heartbreak, Megan admits it's only strengthened her relationship with partner Shaun, who she’s been with since 2011 following her split from Andy Lee in 2010.
"We've been through a lot together but it's just strengthened us as a couple. I think those things can really make you or break you and it's absolutely made us," she admitted.

Megan is currently expecting her second baby with her AFL partner.
Taking to Instagram to confirm the exciting news, the brunette posted a picture of an oven with a literal bread bun toasting away.
Megan's friends were quick to share their congratulations, with Zoe Foster Blake leading the way.

"MUCH GLEE!!! Congratulations, Mrs and Mrs Baker's Delight. What happy news x," the author, who is also expecting her second child, wrote on Megan’s pregnancy announcement.
"Abhhhh!!!!!!!! Congrats angel," Rachael Finch added.
The couple are already the proud parents to two-year-old son River.

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