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Bun in the oven! Megan Gale confirms her second pregnancy in the cutest way

A huge congrats to the Aussie model and her partner, Shaun Hampson.

By Bella Brennan
Megan Gale is expecting her second baby with her AFL partner Shaun Hampson, 29.
Taking to Instagram to confirm the exciting news, the 41-year-old posted a pic of her oven and said bun in it.
"Well would you look at that. There's a bun in my oven," she penned.
"Not quite ready to take it out just yet. Should be fully baked come Spring time."
It didn't take long for Megan's friends to congratulate her, with Zoe Foster Blake leading the way.
"MUCH GLEE!!! Congratulations, Mrs and Mrs Baker's Delight. What happy news x," the author, who is also expecting her second child, said.
"Abhhhh!!!!!!!! Congrats angel," Rachael Finch added.
The couple are already the proud parents to two-year-old son River.

But Megan's road to baby number two hasn't come without hardships.
In January, the stunning star opened up about suffering a miscarriage in 2016 when she was 8 weeks pregnant.
The Next Top Model star decided to go public with her ordeal in order to challenge the stigma surrounding losing a child before birth, something which affects one in four Australian women.

After she fell pregnant, her body couldn’t cope.
“I had a cold, flu, I got laryngitis, I had a chest infection—it just got worse and worse,” Megan told InStyle.
Following a reassuring six-week scan Megan explains how, in the weeks that followed, she felt something was amiss.
“I can’t put my finger on it. There was no physical change or a sign or symptom.”

A trip to the obstetrician confirmed her fears, she’d lost the baby.
"Immediately you go into a bit of blame; 'what have I done?' Because you're charged with the responsibility for growing this life and carrying it through."
"So I think it's very natural with miscarriage to have this feeling you've dropped the ball," the television host explained.
Despite their heartbreak, Megan admits it's only strengthened her relationship with Shaun, who she has been with since 2011 following her split from Andy Lee in 2010.
"We've been through a lot together but it's just strengthened us as a couple. I think those things can really make you or break you and its absolutely made us," she admitted.
No doubt this exciting new family member will only bring them even closer, congrats!

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