WATCH: This boy has the best reaction to the news he’s going to be a big brother

Naww, this heart-warming video will make your DAY!

Finding out that you’re pregnant is an amazing moment. And telling your child? Well if it’s anything like this little’s boys reaction, it's just as special!
Sarah Bromby from North Lincolnshire in the UK decided to film her five-year-old son’s reaction to learning that he will become a big brother.
Sitting in his car seat she shows Ethan the ultrasound photos of his baby sibling, and tells him that she is pregnant. The excited big-bro-to-be just can’t quite believe his mum's news.
"Are you really having a baby? I'm going to be a new big brother!" he says with delight.
“Is it in your belly? Is it!?" Ethan adorably asks, unable to wipe the huge grin off his little face.
“I hope you’re not joking!” he adds, as he absorbs the wonderful news.
Ethan's adorable British accent makes his reaction so much cuter (if that was even possible).
As he considers the news more and continues to look at his sibling's ultrasound photos he generously says to his mum, "He can sleep in my bed if you want to."
You will absolutely melt watching Ethan's sweet reaction to his mum's baby news... and we bet you'll have a go at impersonating his cute British accent while you're at it!
If you plan on having another baby, remember to record your child’s reaction to the news like this mum did. Ecstatic or disappointed, it’s sure to ensue plenty of laughs when they’re older.
Take a look at the sweet clip below.