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EXCLUSIVE: Zoë Foster-Blake on break-ups, babies and being a BOSS

The hot mama’s tips to mending a broken heart and moving on.

Zoë Foster Blake seems to have it all.
The 37-year-old is madly in love with her hilarious hubby Hamish Blake, 36 – the couple celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary last December – and she's also mum to their gorgeous kids Sonny, four, and 10-month-old daughter Rudy.
Plus, Zoë's Go-To skincare line is set to launch in the US and her latest book, Break-Up Boss, is in stores now.
But despite her numerous achievements, the loveable Aussie remains down to earth – and is constantly cracking us up on Instagram!
Here, she tells OK! exclusively why juggling it all isn't always as easy as she makes it look…

You're a crazy-busy woman! How do you balance your family and career?
I'm deeply tired. And often stressed and exhausted. But I am happy! I recognise this is the time of my life to go big.
I love my babies, I love my writing, I love Go-To, and I get a weird high from manoeuvring between my different roles and responsibilities and passions.
You just leased an office. Is it good to have proper separation from home and work?
I have no idea how I got anything done before the office. I am a super productivity machine now. And a better mum, because I come home when my work is done, and I am present, not darting off to do a few more emails.
It was actually Hamish's idea for me to lease an office. He could see my struggle. He's a beautiful man.

From the outside it looks as though you have the perfect life. Please tell us you have the same fears and worries as the rest of us…
Pfft! Flaws and fallibility and failures are human, and they are important.
If I didn't feel parental guilt, or feel a deep desire not to let anyone down, or rely on external validation, I would never put in work to better myself. It's all part of the big, ridiculous thing we call life.
In your book Break-Up Boss, you talk about your own past romances. What's your best and worst split story?
The best way is always to be honest. A lovely man I was seeing sat me down and explained why he couldn't make it any more serious or take it further, and I respected that, even if at the time it cut deep. The worst way was probably the guy who ghosted me, then a week later I saw him with a girl he'd flown in from Sweden for a romantic visit. Cute!
I also once found some truly disgusting texts to another girl in my then-boyfriend's phone. We had just arrived at our holiday destination and there were no flights home for a few days, so I made him sleep outside on a banana lounge until I could were no flights home for a few days, so I made him sleep outside on a banana lounge until I could.

Were you always the person dishing advice in your group of friends?
The bossy lecturer?
Yes, I was, and I blame my mum. She is a magnificent woman, a healer, professional counsellor and therapist. She filled our home with self-help books and my head with solid advice.

So can you tell us what's next for you?
I've just finished a book, due out early 2019, and I'm itching to do some fiction – it's been too long.
Go-To is launching into the US this year, plus we have several big products coming out this year. But the thing I am most excited about is a trip to Europe with my family in July. You can keep your grim winter this year, Melbourne.
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