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Sonny Blake is the spitting image of his comedian dad in adorable new video shot by mum Zoë

The funny 3-year-old is his dad's mini-me.

By Bettina Tyrrell
Another day, another too-cute post from everybody's Instagram best friend Zoë Foster Blake.
Whether she's dishing the real and relatable stories about being a new mum or letting us know where to find the most comfy and chic maternity wear - ZFB is always keeping us in the know (with a giggle to boot). So we're taking a look back at some of her best (and sweetest) mum moments, because we know, just like us, you can't get enough.

And, rolling! Zoë always captures Sonny's most hilarious moments

The 37-year-old mum-of-two hit record just in time to capture her husband's mini-me Sonny, 3, dressed in a Ghostbusters costume and exuberantly warning; "I'm gonna zap you if you come near me". Zoë aptly captioned the video "Exclusive footage from inside the Ghostbusters Training Academy" when she uploaded it to her Instagram account. We think this cheeky chap may just follow in his radio star dad's funny foot-steps when he grows up!

When she hilariously captions cute pics of new baby Rudy

Zoë's second child to husband Hamish Blake, arrived earlier this year. She was named Rudy Hazel Blake, and the internet has been fawning over her ever since.

When she shows us that mums can have fun too (sometimes)

From travelling to Europe with a four-month old, to attending friend's birthday dinners with a three-week-old, the Go-To skincare founder has always advocated giving outings and events a go, even with a baby on board.

When she brilliantly copied Beyonce's baby announcement

All in the name of a LOL. We will never forget the time ZFB perfectly spoofed the now-famous Beyonce baby announcement photo with her very own baby number two joy.

When she treats her cat Meowbert like one of the kids

Like many of us, Zoë 's furry, ginger feline is one of the family.

When her husband and son couple-dress

We're not sure if this one is Zoë or Hamish. But either way, when a toddler and his dad are in matching ensembles, we can't help but smile.

When her style is practical, but far from "mumsey"

Zoë's wardrobe is packed with colour, pattern and fun. Her outfit choices give us serious style inspo because they're not only chic and totally suitable for running around after a speedy toddler. Adding all to cart.