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EXCLUSIVE: Yummy Mummies star Maria DiGeronimo reveals she's pregnant with her second child

Maria says she’s doing things very differently the second time around.

By Brigid Auchettl
She divided the nation with her addiction to Versace, over-the-top spending and arguments with her co-stars, but outspoken Yummy Mummy Maria DiGeronimo promises she's changed – and it's all thanks to her little girl.
Thrilled to announce she's pregnant with her second baby, Maria reveals she wants to be a different mum this time around.
"Having a child changed my life," says Maria, who gave birth to Valentina, now four, while filming season one.
"Motherhood makes me want to be the best version of myself for my family. I'm excited to go through pregnancy without the TV show."
An elated Maria also took to Instagram on Monday to share her first baby bump photo.
"I'M PREGNANT!! Thankyou God🙏🏼 BABY DUE FEB 2021," she captioned the announcement post.
Netflix series Yummy Mummies follows four expectant mums with lavish lifestyles through the challenges of pregnancy, but don't expect Maria, who has quit the show, to share her baby news with her former castmates – she's "blocked" the girls and would happily never see them again.
"I don't need them in my life," she tells Woman's Day.
"One of them said I ruined her baby shower and I'm not about to bring what happened on the show into real life."
Keeping her second bub's gender a surprise, Maria has declined invites for seasons two and three, with hopes to capture special family moments in a show of her own.
"A show based on real-life everyday antics would appeal to us," says Maria, who shares candid family moments with her 580,000 Instagram followers and YouTube channel Vfamilia.
"That was a character on a TV show and not who I am."

Maria pictured with her partner Carlos Vannini and the couple's daughter Valentina. Image: Instagram
The adorable trio pictured at Christmas time. Image: Instagram
But it seems the 34-year-old, who lives in Adelaide with her fiance Carlos Vannini, 36, hasn't totally lost her taste for the finer things in life, often spotted in matching designer outfits with her little girl.
"We wear matching outfits, often designed or custom-made," says Maria, who stocks Valentina's wardrobe with Gucci, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and Prada.
"Valentina is always saying, 'I wanna be like Mummy.' She's a little mini-me."
The glamorous toddler was recently gifted a $4000 bag for her birthday, but Maria insists her clothes and accessories get put to good use, after she raised eyebrows for throwing out Valentina's expensive outfits after one wear and ditching a Versace blanket when it was dirty.
"I wish I could go back and take that scene out... it was a big case of baby brain," she says, admitting none of the clothes were actually thrown away.
"It made me look like I was ruining the world."
The couple are known for their matching designer family outfits. Image: Instagram
Maria loves to get glammed up in her favourite designer threads. Image: Instagram
With her dream babymoon to Italy crushed because of the pandemic, Maria plans to spend her extra time on a nursery makeover with everything the opposite of last time.
"Being filmed all the time tarnished my experience and made me not want to have another child," she says.
"I had hard times too, but none of that was filmed. I feel like mums watching didn't connect with me because they didn't show those real parts."
As for a push present – Carlos previously gifted Maria a $7000 bouquet of money and more than $15,000 in Versace jewels – the mum-to-be says holding her bub in her arms will be enough.
"A tiny human formed out of love. If that's not a miracle, I don't know what is."
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