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Aussie Hollywood sensation, Teresa Palmer is having some strange cravings in her third pregnancy

It's not even food!

By Rebel Wylie
Teresa Palmer is 29 weeks pregnant with her third child, and the cravings are starting to hit her hard.
Teresa, already a mum to two boys, is expecting a daughter with her husband, American film director, Mark Webber.
The couple - who have been married since 2013 – have moved back to Teresa's hometown in the Adelaide hills along with sons, Bodhi, five, and Forest, two.
And it's here in Australia that an unusual craving has overcome the mum-to-be.
A strange craving has overcome Teresa Palmer, and it's not the first time. Image: Getty.
In a blog post on her Your Zen Mamma site this week, the Warm Bodies star discussed her pregnancy, where she's at and what she's craving.
Some usual suspects like chocolate croissants, chocolate smoothies and avocado toast got a notable mention, but curiously so did something non-food.
The 32-year-old Aussie Hollywood sensation admits, "I've been craving lavender baths!"
Teresa and husband, American film director, Mark Webber have moved back to the Adeliade Hills for the birth of their daughter. Image: Instagram/Teresa Palmer.
And it's not the first time an olfactory craving has hit. Two years ago, a strange craving overcame her nose when she was pregnant with Forest.
It was an air detox spray that she blogged about back then.
She wrote: "This is a weird one because it has nothing to do with food! I've been obsessed with smelling Dr Shulze's Air Detox spray!
"I literally have ordered a full box of the spray (10 bottles!). I like to spray all of my pillows with it before bed and just engulf myself in the scent as I fall asleep. It's a mixture of eucalyptus, lime and lemon! Mark thinks it's hilarious and I had the exact same obsession with the same smell first pregnancy! I'm convinced it'll help me throughout labor (sic)"
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While she awaits her first daughter, the Hacksaw Ridge actress has been clear that she won't let her by gender.
Speaking with Tomboy Magazine recently, she said, "I'm sure she will be a little tomboy, I won't go out and buy Barbie dolls and girly stuff, it's just not me,"
"Whatever she gravitates towards she will gravitate towards and she won't be defined by her gender. It will be interesting to see who this little being is, I just want to meet her."