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Sylvia Jeffreys shares 11-month-old son Oscar’s unexpected yet impressive milestone

An adorable yet dangerous trait to pick up.

By Maddison Hockey
The first years of a newborn's life are filled with exciting firsts and memorable milestones.
In this modern world we live in, however, there are a few new milestones for mums to mark as Sylvia Jeffreys has hilariously revealed.
Taking to Instagram the Today Extra host shared a cheeky photo of son Oscar, who she shares with husband Peter Stefanovic, that the 11-month-old had taken himself.
It won't be long til he perfects his technique. (Instagram)
"Found this in my camera roll. Baby's first selfie. Impressive for an 11-month-old, but he needs some urgent guidance on angles. 📸" the doting mum joked.
Albeit an accident, Oscar's technique could use some fine tuning, a sentiment Channel Seven star Edwina Bartholomew jokingly pointed out.
"Look to the light, Oscar. Look to the light 💡" she advised young Oscar.
Meanwhile Sylvia's co-star David Campbell commended his efforts, writing: "Nailed it."
"First of many," Deborah Knight added.
This family of three is soon to be four. (Instagram)
Soon enough Oscar will have a little brother to teach his photo taking skills to and take selfies with.
Sylvia and Peter announced they were expecting baby number two in October with a very cute, and much more flattering, snap.
"When you find out you're getting a best bud for life. Oscar's little brother due in April next year. We are so lucky. 💫💫💫" Sylvia captioned the photo.
"When you find out you're getting a best bud." (Instagram)
The exciting news came just seven months after the couple welcomed their first, Oscar.
The journalist had revealed on-air the emotional struggle she faced going through IVF and how grateful it had made her to fall pregnant again.
"We're so thrilled after not the easiest path first time around; we're grateful for this gift, another boy," Sylvia told Today Extra viewers.
"Two boys under two is going to be wild. If you have any advice how to handle the chaos, let me know!"

Speaking to TV WEEK following the announcement, the 34-year-old revealed she was relishing motherhood.
"It's the simple things that can take your breath away – his little hand resting on my hand when I pick him up out of bed; things like that. They really light up your day.
"No one can describe to you the overwhelming feeling of joy, and this new kind of love, that takes over after having a baby."

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