These photos prove Snezana Wood's bond with her eldest daughter Eve is stronger than anyone knows

There's something sweet about this mother-daughter duo.

By Maddison Leach
Snezana Wood's daughter from a previous relationship, Eve, captured hearts around Australia from the first moment she appeared on The Bachelor way back in 2015.
Then just nine years old, Eve made a special appearance towards the end of the show to reunite with her mum and meet Sam Wood.
At the time, Snez was a single mother and had been honest with Sam about how important her daughter was to her, making it clear that they came as a package deal.
Knowing that only made it more delightful to see Sam bond with little Eve at that first on-screen meeting, and when he chose Snez as his winner it was clear he had chosen Eve too.
Snezana Wood shares a special bond with her eldest daughter, Eve, whom she has from a previous relationship. (Image: Instagram)
"I never call myself Eve's 'step-dad'," Sam revealed in a 2019 interview with Now To Love. "I am Eve's dad. That's how I feel. That's how I act."
Now, almost seven years later, the little family of three have turned into a family of five... with another one on the way!
But even as Sam and Snez welcomed daughters Willow, four, and Charlie, two, Eve has maintained a very special bond with her mum.
"Eve is an amazing big sister to both Willow and Charlie. She really stepped up and helped out with Willow's feeding, bathing and sleep when Charlie was born," proud mum Snez told Who in 2019.
"At the end of the day, Eve is a [teenage] girl who'd rather be ... taking selfies and hanging out with friends but she really does love them to bits. She has always wanted to be big sister."
In honour of Eve's gorgeous bond with Snez, we've collected some of their most beautiful mother-daughter moments through the years.
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