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Sam Wood responds to the backlash over THAT naked photo

''The response has been really interesting...''

By Anita Lyons
It's been an "interesting" week for former Bachelor star Sam Wood.
While holidaying in beautiful Port Douglas, the personal trainer uploaded a very "cheeky" photo to his Instagram account featuring his young daughter, Willow, that left many scratching their heads.
Sam is seen in the picture holding one-year-old daughter Willow's hand, and both father and daughter are completely naked.
While it was seemingly innocent, the internet had, well, feelings.
"Seriously???? Why???" one follower commented, racking up 70 likes.
"Cool so now his teenage daughter and potentially her friends if they follow him r gonna see his ass lol imagine if that was our dad [sic]," wrote another.
The cheeky photo in question. (Instagram/Sam Wood)
And now, taking to his 28 by Sam Wood Facebook group on Monday, Sam has responded to the backlash.
"I posted this photo on my instagram yesterday and there has been so many comments 99 per cent positive, but a small percentage were very upset," he wrote.
"Willow and I went to the beach at the crack of dawn (no pun intended). There was no one around. She was running around saying 'nudie rudie' and she said 'Dadda nudie rudie' so I did.
"We cracked up laughing and splashed around Snez took some photos."
To the comments about what his step-daughter would think, he said:
"Eve thought the whole thing was hilarious when we told her about it.
"I posted this cheeky photo last night and the response has been really interesting.
"For me family will always come first and I strongly believe that in life you need to laugh and look for the positive in everything ❤️❤️❤️ X Sam"
Sam posted a response on his 28 by Sam Wood member community Facebook group. (Source: Facebook/28 by Sam Wood Facebook account)
On Wednesday morning, Sam's wife Snezana Wood posted a tribute to her husband with an adorable picture of him cuddling Willow.
"😍❤️Could he be any more handsome!" she captioned the post.
"Theres nothing sexier than watching your hubby take control & calm your tired, restless, back bending (all parents know this move!), 100 miles an hour toddler! 👌🏽😍❤️😘 #handsome #hubby."
Snez posted this gorgeous pic of Sam and Williow in Port Douglas on Wednesday morning. (Source: Instagram/SnezanaWood)
Sam and his wife Snezana Wood are no strangers to Instagram, often sharing milestone moments as well as their day-to-day lives with their mass followings of over 250,000 each.
Snez and Sam, who are expecting their second child this year, even announced their pregnancy via their Instagram story earlier this year.
"I know that a lot of people do beautiful reveals of baby genders... and they're having a baby... Don't get me wrong, I think that's super, super cute. And maybe because this is number three, we're not going to as much effort anymore. So this is our reveal," Sam explained in a candid home video.