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The Bachelor's Sam and Snez just shared an unexpected moment after their ultrasound appointment

Incoming Bachie baby!

By Jess Pullar
When it comes to babies, there are a myriad of things that spark complete and blissful joy - and an ultrasound might well top the list going by Bachelor golden couple Sam and Snez's reactions.
The pair, who announced they were expecting their second child together in February, have shared one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy with the world, and it's clear they, and their younger counterparts, could not be more excited.
Sam and Snez haven't been holding back on sharing their baby joy with the world. (Image: Instagram / @samjameswood)
Taking to Instagram on Thursday, February 28, Sam posted a candid snap of Snez in a hospital bed waiting for her ultrasound as one-year-old Willow stands beside her holding her hand tight.
In the picture, Sam wrote: "Holding Mummy's hand and seeing her healthy little sister."
We'll just be over here weeping happy tears now...
Too cute! Snez is seen holding onto Willow's hand tight. (Image: Instagram / @samjameswood)
And while the first picture of the mum and daughter duo incited enough of a reaction on its own, it was a second snap that Sam shared shortly afterwards that really stopped us in our tracks.
After leaving the hospital, a quick nappy change was in order for young Willow, and it was clear she was just as enamoured with the new baby as the rest of the world.
Snez improvises a nappy-change set-up in the boot of their car, while Willow is seen waiting patiently while glued to the ultrasound pic of her unborn baby sister - so cute!
Willow was completely besotted with the first pics of her new baby sister. (Image: Instagram / @samjameswood)
It was clear Sam also saw the funny side to the situation, writing, "Followed by a nappy change in the back of the car while looking at an ultrasound photo".
The pair announced their big news less than a month ago in an Instagram story, with Sam telling the camera, "I know that a lot of people do beautiful reveals of baby genders... and they're having a baby... Don't get me wrong, I think that's super, super cute. And maybe because this is number three, we're not going to as much effort anymore. So this is our reveal..."
He then panned the camera over to Snez, continuing: "We are very excited to announce in this very weird way on Insta story, that we are having another baby!"
Watch the moment in the player below. Story continues after video...
And just when you thought they couldn't get any cuter, a couple of weeks later the pair revealed the gender of their unborn child in another adorable Instagram video.
Snez shared a video initially in black and white of herself, Sam, Willow and her 13-year-old daughter Eve, to whom Sam is a proud stepdad to.
"Hi guys, time for a little reveal, our little baby is...," she wrote.
The black and white video then turns into a full glorious pink clip of the family, who couldn't look more excited.
Wait for it... (Image: Instagram /@snezanawood)
It's a girl! (Image: Instagram /@snezanawood)
Now that its all out in the open, the family are in full preparation-mode for what's to come.
Sharing a final image to his Instagram story on Thursday, the new ultrasound pic was seen next to a quirky scrabble display which spelled out all the family members names along with the words 'family', 'forever' and 'love'.
"Added a little photo from this morning, @snezanawood you are nothing short of incredible," Sam wrote.
We're here for their adorable baby updates, and we'll certainly be keeping our eyes peeled for more over the coming months, stay tuned!
The Wood family are in high anticipation for their new addition! (Image: Instagram / @samjameswood)