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"I am really, really proud of my dad": Meet Richard Wilkins' five children

He is one devoted father.

By Rebecca Sullivan
Channel Nine's entertainment guru Richard Wilkins is as famous for his colourful personal life as he is for his A-list celebrity interviews.
The 65-year-old has five children to four different women - and his eldest son was conceived when he was just 18 years old.
But far from being spread too thin, Richard is a devoted father who adores his children - and is always there for them.
Keep on scrolling to meet his five wonderful kids.
Richard (second from left) with his children (L-R) Christian, Rebecca and Nick, pictured at the Shrek 2 premiere in Sydney in 2004. Getty

Christian Wilkins

Christian and Richard walking the red carpet together. Getty
Christian is the son of Richard and his former wife Michelle Burke, who is now happily remarried.
The 24-year-old works as a stylist at Channel Nine and also hosts a podcast called Radical Fashionism with his best mate Andrew Kelly, which was nominated for Best Original Podcast at the Australian Commercial Radio Awards in 2019.
While Christian is proudly gay, he says he has never officially "come out", because he never felt the need to do so.
"I have never said to either of my parents I am gay," he told news.com.au's podcast Balls Deep in 2018.
"I just don't think there was ever this assumption that I was necessarily straight or that I needed to say something."
Mucking around on the Today show set. Instagram
As for following in his father's footsteps and dipping his toe into the waters of the entertainment industry - Christian is a contestant on Dancing With The Stars in 2020 - he says he is thrilled to do so.
"I am really, really proud of my dad. To be his son, follow in his footsteps is a huge honour and not something I'm ashamed of. I love my dad, I love my mum and I love my family. I am not at all embarrassed or want to break out from that."
He says he is exceptionally close to both of his parents - Christian still lives with his father in his Cremorne mansion on Sydney's lower north shore.
But he also makes time for his mother, frequently posting cute pics with her on his Instagram account.
"I'm just as close to my mum and stepdad," he wrote in a column for Stellar magazine in 2019.
"Obviously they're not in the media, so perhaps others might not find the relationship as 'interesting', but in a way that's even more important because my mum's helped me stay (somewhat) grounded. Long story short, I just think my parents are f---ing tops."

Nick Wilkins

Nick and Richard on the red carpet at The Book of Mormon premiere in 2017. Getty
Nick, 35, is Richard's second oldest son, but doesn't work in the entertainment industry and keeps a low profile.
Back in 2017, Richard described Nick as "the heart and soul" of his family.
"He's such a solid guy," he said.

Rebecca Wilkins

Richard and his eldest daughter Rebecca, pictured in 2010. Getty
Rebecca is Richard's second oldest child, and his eldest daughter.
She also does not work in the media or entertainment industries, but is still exceptionally close to her father and also half-brother Christian.
In February 2016, when Rebecca married her longtime beau James Bateman in Bali, the entire Wilkins clan was present, with Christian even serving as a "bridesman" in the official bridal party.
Speaking to the Daily Mail a few months before the wedding, Christian said he was thrilled to be involved in Bec's big day.
"I'm going to be a bridesman. My sister and I are very close. I was honoured because I'm obviously close to her fiancé as well," he said.
"I've gone with her to all the dress fittings and all the bridesmaids' fittings, so it was nice to be part of that.'
WATCH BELOW: Richard Wilkins praises son Christian following successful marriage equality vote. Story continues after video.
When Bec first announced her engagement, Christian congratulated his half-sister and posted about the news on his own account.
"So so so so excited for my beautiful big sister @becwilkins_syd who just got engaged to the amazing James! I love you both so much and I can't wait to watch the two of you make an incredible life together," he wrote.

Adam Wilkins

From L-R: Christian Wilkins, Richard Wilkins, Adam Wilkins and Nick Wilkins. Getty
Richard's eldest son Adam, 45, has Down syndrome.
He was conceived on the night of Richard's 18th birthday, with his then 16-year-old girlfriend, in New Zealand.
Wilkins opened about his family's experience on the Today Show in March last year, on World Down Syndrome Day.
"I was only 18 when Adam was born [and] his mum was just 16, very unusual for Down syndrome people to be born to such young parents. It was a shock to be a parent let alone of a Down syndrome child," Wilkins told Today Extra hosts Sonia Kruger and David Campbell at the time.
"I'm prepared to admit that I wasn't the greatest Dad back in the day. I didn't really know how to handle it," he said.
"I was getting on with my life and career, I wanted to travel the world and make music and do that sort of stuff, and it was with some reluctance that after about a year we put Adam in a home.
"People said you can have him adopted. But I said 'No he is always going to be my son' and I want a relationship with him. He has had great people in his life over the years."
Richard putting a protective arm over Adam on the red carpet. Getty
Richard went on to describe Adam as "my rock" and said "to have a down syndrome person in your family is an absolute joy."
Adam now lives in New Zealand, where Richard was born and spent the beginning of his adult life.

Estella Dinnigan

Collette and Estella Dinnigan pictured at an event in 2015. Getty
Estella, 14, is the daughter Richard shares with Aussie fashion designer Collette Dinnigan.
The pair dated in the early 2000s, before calling it quits in 2004.
Now, Collette is married to husband Bradley Cooks, and the couple have a young son together, called Hunter.
Collette Dinnigan's daughter Estella and her son Hunter, from a different relationship. Instagram
College Dinnigan (centre) with her daughter Estella (right) and her grandmother (left). Instagram
Collette and Richard happily co-parent Estelle together.
"I think for all children the most important thing is to know they are loved by both parents and that they are a priority in each of our lives, and that's the case," Collette told the Daily Mail in 2015 of her co-parenting relationship with Richard.
"There's no right or wrong way, as long as your priorities are right."