Australians take action on Covid-19: All of the celebrities who have been affected by coronavirus

Many people are currently feeling the affects of Covid-19 - and you'll recognise quite a few of them.

By Jess Pullar
Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, seems to be sweeping the world as quickly as we quietly sing Happy Birthday to ourselves at the bathroom sink.
With thousands affected by the pandemic, both directly and indirectly, it comes as no surprise that many well known faces are among those at risk.
And while many might be alarmed at the scale of the pandemic, it's important to remember that while things are uncertain, people are consciously taking measures to prevent its spread.
Seeing influential people acting responsibly and calmly (we're looking at you, Tom Hanks) is refreshing to see, and serves as a comforting reminder that people are doing what they can.
With events being cancelled, workplaces in isolation and even some of our favourite television shows on hold, there's many things that we're all trying to keep track of at the moment.
So to bring things together in one spot, we've rounded up exactly what the famous faces affected by Corona virus are saying and doing at the moment.
Keep scrolling as we look at which well known people with links to Australia have said and done in the face of COVID-19.
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