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Pink and her daughter, Willow sing together and it is everything you’d imagine

Little Willow got her mamma’s pipes!

By Rebel Wylie
We all know Pink can sing – upside down, right way up - the lady has talent. And it looks like the apple hasn't fallen too far from the tree.
In a video posted online overnight, Pink's daughter, Willow Sage Hart, 7, has shown that her musical chops are coming along nicely.
Willow is a guest artist on the upcoming album, The Greatest Showman — Reimagined, which is due out in mid-November.
In the video, she is shown recording her version of A Million Dreams (Reprise) which will be featured on the album along with her famous mum's version of A Million Dreams, and fans are losing their minds at the talented youngster.
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Pink is one proud mamma

The video is full of adorable moments between the pair and it is clear that Pink is delighted that her daughter loves music too.
"I grew up listening to Annie and no one has done this for me, for my heart since I was a little girl," Pink revealed in the clip. "And to have her finally have something like this ...You made our favourite movie ever.
While enthusiastically encouraging Willow as she performed, it was the sweet moment when Pink praised her personality that has us swooning.
"I think you're fun," Pink enthused. "I'm glad I had you."

Little Willow and her brother, almost two-year-old Jameson Moon Hart are no strangers to the music business, having toured on the road with the mum and dad, Carey Hart on and off for years.
Whether traveling with mum on the road or appearing on stage, or hanging out with celeb pals like Rhianna, it's no wonder Willow is so comfortable in front of the mic.
Here's hoping we hear more of that awesome voice soon.