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“You’re a weapon:” Osher Gunsberg celebrates his stepdaughter Georgia’s incredible achievements with a loving tribute

He's just so proud!

By Faye Couros
In a world that still celebrates nuclear families, the love between stepparents and their stepchildren doesn't get celebrated enough.
Osher Gunsberg has showcased just how pure that bond can be through a beautiful Instagram post.
The presenter marked his stepdaughter Georgia's year 12 achievements with a tribute filled with generous praise.
Georgia, who is Osher's wife, Audrey's child from a previous relationship, was treated to a special lunch with the two of them to celebrate every bit of hard work she put into her final year of school.
"Massive congrats to Georgia, who absolutely blitzed her ATAR." Instagram
The Bachelor host posted a picture of her from their outing alongside a caption detailing every sacrifice she made to get herself to where she is, and his pride is palpable.
"Massive congrats to Georgia, who absolutely blitzed her ATAR," he began. "Her incredible dedication, time management, and focus was something to behold."
Osher continued to share a sentiment everyone related to a child going through year 12 will understand.
"We are all so incredibly proud of her, because while as parents and stepparents and grandparents we can only do our best to make opportunities (and guidance) available to our kids, it's up to them what they do about those opportunities," he wrote.
It can be challenging for adults to fathom finishing school during a pandemic, which has caused many hurdles for teachers and students, so with that in mind, Osher emphasised how well his sweetly dubbed "G" handled the pressure.
Osher shares a son with Audrey called Wolfie. Instagram
"G grabbed what was in front of her and ran with it. Despite lockdowns, shit internet, horrid social isolation and 100,000hrs of zoom Classes. She battled through it all and exceeded what she was aiming for. G, you're a weapon. And I'm so very, very proud of you," he gushed.
Finally, he turned his attention to the future and the present by writing, "Can't wait to see what you apply your superpowers to next xx (Also, it was marvellous to celebrate your achievements at lunch with you and Mum today x)."
In his comment section Dannii Minogue wrote, "Congratulations team 👏🏻and especially G," and Bachelor alum Alisha Aitkenradburn commented, "Congrats Georgia! What a tough couple of years but managed with such grace and determination. Celebrations so deserved."
Since day one, Osher has been a massive supporter of G, and he has been open about the love he feels for his family, including his young son Wolfie, whom he shares with Audrey.
"If she was standing in the road and a bus was coming, I would push her out of the way even if it meant I would die." Instagram
In March 2020, he told The Australian Women's Weekly, "I'm really lucky that I got that chance to be in this relationship with Audrey who just radiates kindness and love. Being able to witness the way she guides and nurtures Georgia thorough her life is just an incredible honour.
He added, ""It was very early on that [Georgia] went from being my girlfriend's kid to the next day being someone that, if she was standing in the road and a bus was coming, I would push her out of the way even if it meant I would die."
"It was like a switch turned on and my DNA had activated some gene, some expression turned on that was it. My life is no longer just about me, it just happened."
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