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"I failed the first time, TWICE": Osher Gunsberg shares a gorgeous tribute for his stepdaughter as she celebrates a big milestone

The Bachelor host couldn't be prouder.

By Jess Pullar
Osher Gunsberg is known for his unconditional cheer-leading for any and every contestant to pass through the trying halls of the Bachelor mansion.
But when it comes to his family, his support and excitement for all of their achievements is next level - his latest Instagram post proves as much.
Sharing a picture of his stepdaughter Georgia, who is 17-years-old, the reality TV host told his followers about her exciting milestone.
In the picture, Georgia proudly holds her 'P' plates, having just passed her driving test.
"I am so incredibly proud of G. ⁠She worked really hard to get this, and she nailed it first try."
The doting dad was especially impressed given his own experience in getting a license.

"Better than me, I failed first time TWICE. ⁠Once in Brisbane at 18 and once again in LA, at the age of 32."⁠
Osher finished the post: "Bananas that the dance-obsessed kid I first met has just launched over one of the first real milestones of independence. ⁠Proud of you G. Crazy proud."

Osher's fans quickly took to the pic to share their own words of encouragement and excitement for Osher and Georgia.
"Congratulations!" One wrote.
Another added: "Won't know yourself!!! Get it girl," another enthused.
Osher is one proud dad - pictured during a Women's Weekly shoot with Georgia (left) and his wife and son Audrey and his baby son Wolfie. (The Australian Women's Weekly)
Osher has been open about his love for his family, especially following the birth of his son Wolfie in 2019.
Georgia is Audrey's child from a previous relationship, but Osher took the mantle of stepdad proudly when he married his now-wife.
"I'm really lucky that I got that chance to be in this relationship with Audrey who just radiates kindness and love. Being able to witness the way she guides and nurtures Georgia thorough her life is just an incredible honour," he told us in March 2020.
Speaking more about Georgia, he added: "It was very early on that [Georgia] went from being my girlfriend's kid to the next day being someone that, if she was standing in the road and a bus was coming, I would push her out of the way even if it meant I would die."
"It was like a switch turned on and my DNA had activated some gene, some expression turned on that was it. My life is no longer just about me, it just happened."
Georgia means the world to Osher. (Instagram)
And when little Wolfie arrived, the family rallied around - a perfect circle.
Osher said his most important job is now being a husband and father.
"All I want to do is build a future for these kids, that's it. And for someone as selfish as me that's a big deal."

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