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It's a....! Osher Günsberg and Audrey Griffen reveal gender of their unborn baby

And it was in the most Osher way possible!

By Anita Lyons
Back in February, The Bachelor's Osher Günsberg and his wife, Audrey Griffen announced they were expecting their very own Bachie-baby and Australia couldn't be more excited!
And now, the couple have revealed the gender of their impending arrival and it was in a very Osher way!
Taking to Instagram on Sunday night, the Bachie-verse host posted a photograph of the pair beaming with joy.
"Today my magnificent stepdaughter Georgia arranged a truly fabulous Baby Shower / Reveal event at the Bronte SLSC down the road," he captioned the post.
He then went on to praise his wife and family for spending the "last three days cooking, baking and basting and frying all the food".
But it was talking about the reveal of their new bundle-joy-to-be, that was VERY Osher.
While there was no "rose maths", it was the nod to the star's ability to raise tension that his step-daughter drew from.
"G [Georgia] then proceeded to run a most high-tension game-show style reveal moment, of such drawn-out drama that the Network Execs in the room were probably considering a new 6pm pre-prime show.

"Turns out that twelve weeks ago, the envelope that we were given after our Harmony Test, which G has kept secret this entire time (as much as we tried to trip her up looking for pronouns and slip-ups, she was a vault!) shows that the baby growing within Audrey indeed has XY chromosomes."
XY chromosones!! It's a BOY!
XY chromosones!! It's a BOY! (Source: Instagram/osher_gunsberg)
You may be wondering why Osher and Audrey were wearing outfits with a pink hue... well, it turns out that they both thought that their little "chickpea" was a GIRL!

"And because G wanted to get a read of the room, we were all encouraged to wear the colour that showed which way we thought the result would go. Seems wifey and I got it wrong," Osher added.

"Another new human joins us in this human race in only a few weeks time.⠀

"Between now and then, I'm going to need to do about 4hrs a day on the bike to work off the #VGF delights that Audrey cooked for me, including about four slices of perfectly moist #VGF carrot cake."
But our favourite line of his post?
"No matter who this human is, we will love it with all our hearts."
We love you, Osher!
Georgia, Audrey and Osher. (Source: Instagram/osher_gunsberg)
Back in February, the Network Ten host and his wife announced that they were expecting a baby.
"We are very happy to introduce you to the newest member of our family, joining us late August 2019," Osher captioned the post.
"Please meet "Chickpea", the person behind the last three months of @audreygriffen's surprise day-naps and a mysterious aversion to her favourite ramen restaurant."
"All four of us are over the moon and looking forward to meeting this wonderful young human.
"We are very happy to introduce you to the newest member of our family, joining us late August 2019. ▫️▫️ Please meet "Chickpea", the person behind the last three months of @audreygriffen's surprise day-naps and a mysterious aversion to her favourite Ramen restaurant." (Source: Instagram/osher_gunsberg)
Osher also paid tribute to his wife and her 13-year-old daughter Georgia, from a previous relationship.
"For me, meeting Audrey saved my life. Meeting Georgia gave my life a purpose and direction that I never expected. These two wonderful women have given me so much already, they've helped me heal and grow - and now to have the chance to share with them the experience of bringing up a child together is just incredible," he wrote.
Then in April, Osher shared the most beautiful photograph of a GLOWING Audrey.
"There's glowing, and then there's GLOWING. @audreygriffen was being positively radiant today. (Even when she's dealing with a puppy who's figuring out what 'peeing outside' means). I am so looking forward to us all getting to know the new tiny human that's coming to live in our home," the 45-year-old wrote.
This was one of the very fist glimpses the cute couple have given fans of Audrey's beautiful belly.
The touching post was inundated with comments from Aussie stars.
"Beautiful 😍," Bachelor babe Brittany Hockley wrote.
"Yay!!! I'm so excited for you both! Special times ahead ❤️🙌🏼," Chezzi Denyer agreed.
"Love this," Bachelor vlogger HiJosh added.
We also CANNOT wait for the arrival of this bouncing baby boy.
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