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"Please meet Chickpea": Osher Günsberg and wife Audrey are expecting a baby!

A million roses for Osher and Audrey!

By Anita Lyons
In the most exciting news ever, everyone's favourite Bachelor franchise host, Osher Günsberg, is going to be a Dad!
Taking to his Instagram on Sunday night, the 44-year-old shared the fantastic news with a picture of his little "Chickpea".
"We are very happy to introduce you to the newest member of our family, joining us late August 2019," Osher captioned the post.
"Please meet "Chickpea", the person behind the last three months of @audreygriffen's surprise day-naps and a mysterious aversion to her favourite ramen restaurant."
"All four of us are over the moon and looking forward to meeting this wonderful young human.

Osher paid tribute to his wife and her 13-year-old daughter Georgia, from a previous relationship.
"For me, meeting Audrey saved my life. Meeting Georgia gave my life a purpose and direction that I never expected. These two wonderful women have given me so much already, they've helped me heal and grow - and now to have the chance to share with them the experience of bringing up a child together is just incredible," he wrote.
"Now, it's off to provide on-call back rubs and to fetch ginger tea when needed."
Parents-to-be, Audrey and Osher. (Source: Instagram)
Osher met make-up artist Audrey Griffin, 38, in 2014 during filming of The Bachelor.
In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald last year, Osher explained how the couple met.
"I had been chatting to a make-up artist I'd worked with for years about my love-life, and I was complaining about how hard it was to meet someone," Osher said.
"I remember saying that I can't go to bars because I don't drink, and the last time I was single there were Nokia phones, and what is this Tinder thing?
"She told me she was going off to another job but had a replacement to do my make-up, and said, 'She is lovely, she has a kid, and you're welcome.'"
"The day she started I turned up on the show and there was this beautiful vision of light," and the rest is history!
Osher overcame severe mental health issues and cites Audrey as the person who "saved his life". (Source: Instagram/Jeremy Grieve)
In September last year, Osher opened up about the mental health issues which he has battled for years.
Speaking to Stellar, the popular TV host discussed his breaking point.
"Eventually the amount I needed to feel anywhere near normal became completely unmanageable and very unhealthy and it was very clear where it was going to end up if I didn't stop," he said.
He said he was extremely grateful to his wife, Audrey, who let him write about the experience, as it's "so important to talk about it".
Being frank about being on-screen in front of thousands of people, Osher disclosed that people don't realise he's on "two ­different kinds of ­antipsychotics".
Georgia, Audrey and Osher. (Source: Instagram)
Congratulations to Osher, Audrey and Georgia!

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