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Michelle Bridges shares heartwarming tribute to son Axel on his milestone fourth birthday

We bet every mum can relate.

By Alex Lilly
It's a fact that every parent comes to realise eventually- kids grow up way too fast.
Michelle Bridges shared these exact sentiments in an Instagram post shared for son Axel's fourth birthday and the 49-year-old former Biggest Loser trainer's words will warm your heart immeasurably.
Michelle Bridges is a proud mum of one to son, Axel. (Image: Instagram @mishbridges)
Taking to Instagram, Michelle shared a sweet photo of the mum and son duo at the beach on one of Sydney's smoky summer days.
Dressed in a black bikini, proud mum Michelle kisses her son Axel, looking adorable in his black rashie and hat.
"My heart skipped a beat...and just like that, he was 4....💙 😌 happy birthday my one 🙏🏼💋 #beachbirthday goodbye my little toddler....😔😢" Michelle captioned her post.
They grow up so fast!
"My heart skipped a beat...and just like that, he was 4...." (Image: Instagram @mishbridges)
Axel's arrival was most definitely a happy one for Michelle as she figured kids would not be an option for her, due to making her career a priority.
But in 2015, the fitness guru welcomed her son with partner Steve 'The Commando' Willis, whom she met on set of The Biggest Loser.
"When Axel came into my world, it took me to a whole new place. There's been many a time when I'll just start talking about Axel and just burst into tears," she confessed to 60 Minutes in 2017.
Watch the moment in the player below. Post continues after video...
In an exclusive interview and photo shoot with The Australian Women's Weekly, Michelle said that becoming a mum came to her instantly.
"I've got this mother instinct that people always talk about," she said at the time. "It's quite fierce and protective."
And though she said at the time of his birth that she hoped Axel had inherited his dad's calm and placid nature, her partner Steve told Now To Love that Axel is "definitely a blend" of him and Michelle.

Speaking about their hectic family holidays, with his elder three children Brianna, Ella and Jack from a previous relationship, Steve said "There are moments of laughter and playing I Spy to the kids near killing themselves in the back seat having arguments but I think that's to be expected. That's the nature of family and you've got to work through all those differences."
"I remember as a child myself and my parents pulling myself off my brothers and I now understand the frustration that parents carry on a daily basis constantly trying to be the mediator."

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