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EXCLUSIVE: Steve 'Commando' Willis says his family holidays are just as chaotic as yours

''There are moments of laughter and playing I Spy to the kids near killing themselves in the back seat having arguments!''

By Alex Lilly
Commando Steve Willis and his partner Michelle Bridges may seem like the ultimate fitspo family, but it turns out that when it comes to wrangling the kids on a long car trip, they're just like any other family.
In an exclusive chat with Now To Love, the former Biggest Loser trainer opens up about mindful parenting and how his approach to life has changed since having four children.
Dad-of-four Steve has three eldest children Brianna, Ella and Jack from a previous relationship while he and partner Michelle Bridges are proud parents to Axel, who turns four in December.
"I'm very mindful of doing as much as I possibly can with my family," Steve tells Now To Love, adding that he, Michelle and the four children took some time to visit Steve's brother and his family for his birthday.
"I also have another job out in Goondiwindi so rather than just fly directly to Goondiwindi and do the job on my own and come home I thought 'It's school holidays, let's pack the car, let's go on a bit of a trip along the way and see Australia' and also break out of the city limits and for the kids to see just how the drought is impacting outside of the city. It's good for the kids to see that because it connects us and unites us."
"I'm very mindful of doing as much as I possibly can with my family." (Image: Instagram @mishbridges)
Steve adds that while the trip was "amazing" and that they covered a lot of kilometres, "that's not to say it was all rainbows and butterflies like any family."
"There are moments of laughter and playing I Spy to the kids near killing themselves in the back seat having arguments but I think that's to be expected. That's the nature of family and you've got to work through all those differences."
"It's just so interesting, over the smallest of things. One will get upset and then they'll try to gain the upper hand and get one back at the other, it's just tit for a tat. I remember as a child myself and my parents pulling myself off my brothers and I now understand the frustration that parents carry on a daily basis constantly trying to be the mediator."
They may dress alike but Steve says his youngest child Axel is "definitely a blend" of him and Michelle. (Image: Instagram @mishbridges)
Dad-of-four Steve has his parenting struggles just like anyone else! (Image: Instagram @b_riannawillis)
With Australian Survivor: All Stars coming up in early 2020, Steve may not be making a return to the show, but he'll be cheering on his former camp mate Mat Rogers, who he represented the Champions with in 2018.
"I'm a bit sad I wasn't there with my bestie!" Steve confesses. "Hopefully he does well without me there but he'll know what to do. He'll have more fun this time now he knows the ropes."
Steve will be Team Mat for Survivor: All Stars in 2020. (Image: Instagram @commandosteve)
The two have become good friends since their time on the reality show with Steve even heading to Germany for a triathalon to raise funds for Mat's charity, 4 ASD kids Charity.
"Mat's a really great guy, very genuine and he does his utmost to help people where he can. He and Chloe have an autistic son Max and when he first came along for them it was quite daunting for them and they've always remembered those feelings so that's why they started their charity to help other families with autistic children and do what they can to de-stigmatise a lot of things."
WATCH: Commando Steve shaves Mat Rogers Survivor style. Post continues after video...
While partner Michelle is busy working with her own businesses and the kids are at school and university, Steve has another project on his hands.
The personal trainer has joined forces with Zambrero for their annual Plate 4 Plate Day which coincides with World Food Day (October 16th) to help fight hunger by joining volunteers to pack up 450,000 meals to be sent to Timor for those in need.
And the former military man who served in Timor for six months says the cause holds a special place in his heart and his contribution of service didn't stop when he left the army.
"I feel that as sad as it is to be exposed to that in my younger years, it really set up a foundation and the continued work that I do."
Steve has joined forces with Zambrero for their annual Plate 4 Plate Day. (Image: Supplied)
"I've been very fortunate and I'm very grateful that I can help others, lift them up, bring awareness and do the best thing I can for myself and for others rather than demanding it of others and that's where I apply my effort."
"I'm older now and I kind of understand the things that I'm most passionate about and I enjoy. I put time and effort towards those things because as you get a bit older you don't have the recovery, being a dad with four kids and a host of other things. But there's still time to be there for the community and help in those areas."